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Music heals the soul therefore it’s important to surround yourself with uplifting music while paying attention to the music’s inspiring song titles. Music can either match your mood or change your mood so why not try listening to songs today that will only encourage and inspire you! Here are some of the top inspiring song titles that get me through the day!

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Don’t Worry, Be Happy

This is the most classic inspiring song titles of all! The title of the song clearly says it all: don’t worry about anything, just be happy. This can be easier said than done but often times, meditating on these simple words can change your mood in no time. Don’t focus on your problem during the day – any time you feel negative or become aware of negative thoughts just say, don’t worry be happy.


Girls Just Want to Have Fun

Ladies, we all just want to have fun, right? Life doesn’t have to be boring and stressful all the time. Yes of course life is not always easy and it’s often a fantasy to just let loose and have some fun every now and then (especially when work and school are slowly starting to take over your life). Understand that you need to take time for yourself and hang out with your girlfriends every now and then. Having fun is a necessity.


My Heart Will Go on

Yes, The Titanic flashed in your mind as you read this title and you probably got teary eyed. However, Celine Dion not only creates beauty and inspiration through this song with her angelic voice, but the actual title of the song itself is beautiful and inspiring. If you’ve been burned or scared by someone whether that be a friend, a family member, or a boyfriend, always remember that your heart will go on and will love again. Give yourself time to heal and nourish your heart with self-love and appreciation.



Everyone remembers this song, right? By Cher! This song has such a great beat and clearly the song title is such an encouraging and inspiring message for anyone on any day. I love the lines, «But I know that I’ll get through this, ‘cause I know that I am strong!» Always remember that you are a tough cookie and can accomplish anything and everything that you set your mind to! Focus on this song title when you are feeling down or discouraged and always believe in yourself and you will get through it.


Dare You to Move

This song title encourages action! Focus on this inspiring song title when you feel like you have no more fight left in you because you have a dream so big or a goal so big that it almost feels impossible to accomplish right now. I dare YOU to move today: to stand up for yourself, to stand up for what you believe in, and to take a leap of faith into your destiny. Sure it’s going to be scary but taking the first baby step is the most important step. Your goal or dream will be more real and achievable to you once you dare yourself to move and just go for it!



You are beautiful! Thank you Christina Aguilera for singing such a beautiful song with your gorgeous and powerful voice. You, too, should feel empowered and encouraged when listening to this song while also meditating on the word beautiful, because guess what? You are beautiful and you are special and you deserve to feel this way every single day.


Walking on Sunshine

Don’t you just feel like skipping when you think of this song? The title itself sounds like a bright and sunny day. Focus on this song if you’re feeling sad or depressed. Even thinking about the sun can brighten your day. Personally I feel more sluggish and unproductive and unmotivated when it’s raining and grey outside…but if I focus on this song and imagine a sunshine, it can be the first step to feeling warmer inside and wanting to share that sunshine with others, too!


I Will Survive

Guess what, girl? You WILL survive. Whatever hardship, confusion, doubt, problem, or drama you may be going through right now, you will get through it. Focus on this song title when you feel like all hope is lost. There are days when I feel so upset about something that I let it affect me to the point of feeling like there’s no return to happiness…ever. When I just believe and tell myself I will survive, it encourages me to keep moving.


What a Wonderful World

And finally, another classic! What A Wonderful World. Focus on this song when you just can’t stand anyone or anything. If you take the time to simply sit in a quiet space and reflect on just how wonderful this world is you will begin to feel an appreciation for the little things. This transition from feeling hopeless to feeling hopeful will begin at a subconscious level and soon will enter your conscious mind and grant you with peace.

Whether you read these inspiring song titles once a day or a few times during the day, the key is to really meditate on the few that impact you the most. Even if only one song title sticks out to you the most, use it as your mantra throughout the day and see how your day goes. Which song title lifts your spirit the most? Which song title do you relate to the most?

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same for me too

What a Wonderful World gets to me. :) I think it is truly a beautiful song in every way.

All the songs inspired me and can give peace of mind.

I love Beautiful by Christina Aguilera. It reminds you that no matter who you are or what you do, you are unique. You are you and nobody can ever change that. Always believe that you are special. :-)

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