11 Jazzy Songs by Frank Sinatra That Truly Inspire Me ...


11 Jazzy Songs by Frank Sinatra That Truly Inspire Me ...
11 Jazzy Songs by Frank Sinatra That Truly Inspire Me ...

When it comes to any of the songs by Frank Sinatra, many critics agree on the massive impact that his music had on the world. In fact, the idea that Sinatra helped pave the way for artists today is mostly undisputed because of his outstanding vocal range. When comparing lists with both friends and strangers, I am always amazed by both the distinct differences and striking similarities between them. From what I've collected, most people grew up listening to popular hits "It Had to Be You", "I've Got You Under My Skin", "I'm a Fool to Want You" and "My Way". Ever since the day that I initially stumbled upon this legend, these inspiring songs by Frank Sinatra have effectively managed to both captivate and inspire me in multiple ways.

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I Won't Dance

As one of the first songs by Frank Sinatra that I was introduced to, I must say that I was (and still am) irrevocably drawn to it. Originally composed by Jerome Kern for a musical titled "Three Sisters" and then featured in the production "Roberta", this magnificent tune has been the cause of many late night karaoke and dance sessions at my house (and in public).


Fly Me to the Moon

After hearing Nat King Cole briliantly sing one of the earliest versions of this song, I couldn't help falling even more in love with Sinatra's cover. There's something about this song that makes me think of people smiling while gazing at a blanket of luminous stars.


All or Nothing at All

Credited as being his breakout performance, Harry James made an appearance on the first recording during the 1930s. I love to note the contrast and growth in his voice as the song was restructured into more accessible versions found on his albums "Sinatra and Strings" and "Strangers in the Night". My love for Sinatra would not be possible or plausible without this beautiful song.


That's Life

From the marvelous accompanying orchestra to his warm and intense vocal technique, Sinatra's version is truly phenomenal. "That's Life" is often regarded as one of the biggest catalysts for his success. Breaking into the top five category of the Billboard Hot 100 music chart, it makes sense that the release of this single marked a defining moment in his career.


My Funny Valentine

There is a reason why people often say that no one can do covers better than Ol' Blue Eyes himself. With his powerful bel canto singing style, it isn't hard to see why some cite this number as one of his finest. The deep conviction expressed in the line "Stay little valentine, stay" never fails to cause me to become enraptured.


Night and Day

I've always been enthralled by his eclectic taste in music. Here, the influence of the great Bing Crosby is glaringly present. Without question, Sinatra was a master of his craft; the clarity in his voice as he belts out the "night and day" segment is quite humbling. He certainly did this fantastic piece by Cole Porter justice.


I've Got the World on a String

His rich, melodious voice is put on display in this next song. I can't help the feeling of joy that consumes me every time I hear "I've Got the World on a String". After listening to this wonderful number, can you really blame me? Composer Harold Arlen's talent is elevated in this lovely and light song.


The Way You Look Tonight

The fact that this was initially performed by the famous Fred Astaire makes it more than qualified to be on this list. I will always treasure this song dearly because of its subtle and clever undertone. This is one of the songs that I could see myself playing at dinner parties to enhance the overall ambience and mood.


I Love Paris

Entranced by the melodies of this lovely tune, my unwavering wanderlust is fueled further with every word breathed. Any song written by Cole Porter is bound to be a classic. I will honestly never tire of dancing to this witty and sincere number.


One for My Baby

The arrangement of this next piece is quite spectacular. When listening to songs like this, it's not hard to see how his immense talent played a large role in his lengthy and prosperous career as a smooth jazz singer. His vocals in "One For My Baby" are incredibly raw and honest. His sincerity is put on full display.


Nice 'n' Easy

At the risk of sounding cheesy, the title of this last piece says it all. Its ironic that this legendary singer is still able to amaze his audience in such a simple manner. Here, Frank Sinatra shows the world the levels of his ability without much effort. "Nice 'n' Easy" is one of my absolute favorite

I love the devotion shared by fans of Sinatra to keep his music thriving. As such, I am on a mission to discover more obscure renditions by this classic icon and would love to hear about your first encounters with his soulful voice. What are some of your favorite songs by Frank Sinatra? Are there any covers featuring him that you wish you had the chance to witness in person?

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Ah, Frank Sinatra's songs are not only beautiful but brilliant! Big fan of his work

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