11 Jazzy Songs by Frank Sinatra That Truly Inspire Me ...

When it comes to any of the songs by Frank Sinatra, many critics agree on the massive impact that his music had on the world. In fact, the idea that Sinatra helped pave the way for artists today is mostly undisputed because of his outstanding vocal range. When comparing lists with both friends and strangers, I am always amazed by both the distinct differences and striking similarities between them. From what I've collected, most people grew up listening to popular hits "It Had to Be You", "I've Got You Under My Skin", "I'm a Fool to Want You" and "My Way". Ever since the day that I initially stumbled upon this legend, these inspiring songs by Frank Sinatra have effectively managed to both captivate and inspire me in multiple ways.

1. I Won't Dance

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As one of the first songs by Frank Sinatra that I was introduced to, I must say that I was (and still am) irrevocably drawn to it. Originally composed by Jerome Kern for a musical titled "Three Sisters" and then featured in the production "Roberta", this magnificent tune has been the cause of many late night karaoke and dance sessions at my house (and in public).

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