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7 of the Best One Hit Wonders from the 90s ...

By Kelly

I'd like to share with you some awesome one hit wonders from the 90s. They are the songs that you heard everywhere and loved, but never heard any more of the artist. Some of these one hit wonders from the 90s are still famous today and some are more forgotten. But they will all have a special place in our heart when we reminisce about the great music of the 90s.

1 Good Vibrations – Marky Mark & the Funky Bunch

Like most of the one hit wonders from the 90s, I always loved this song but never really knew who sang it. I knew all of the words and would dance along to it any chance I got. It was until recently that I learned that Marky Mark is actually Mark Walhberg. Imagine my surprise when I re-watched that music video and got to see one of my favorite actors dancing around like a fool.

2 Mambo #5 by Lou Bega

You know when you hear the opening line “This is Mambo #5” you are going to get to rock out to one of the best songs from the 90s. This was my go to song in middle school. It has such an infectious beat that you cant help but dance.

3 TubThumping – Chumbawamba

It may be one of the most annoying songs ever, but I can’t help but love it. I also don’t know the majority of the words to this song, but when that chorus comes on, you can bet everyone will be singing along.

4 Jump around by House of Pain

Try listening to this top one hit wonder without actually ‘jumping around.” It is basically impossible. It has been more than 10 years since this song was released and I still hear this song almost every day. That is the true mark of one of the great one hit wonders of the 90s.

5 I’m Too Sexy by Right Said Fred

This song might not be as popular nowadays as some of the other one hit wonders, but that doesn’t make it any less awesome. Even the band name, “Right Said Fred” is awesome. Every one knows this song and can sing along to the fun lyrics.. “I’m Too Sexy” is one of those songs that is incredibly irritating, but you can’t help but love.

6 Macarena by Los Del Rios

This song was the epitome of a good time in the 90s. It wasn’t a party in the 90s unless you did the Macarena. It was an even better time if you just yelled random gibberish and yelled “Macarena” at the right time because that was the only word you knew.

7 Baby Got Back by Sir Mix a Lot

“Oh my god. Becky, look at her butt…” might be the most quoted lines from any song ever. I didn’t even know what I was singing about when I was little, but I knew every line to this song and I would sing it without shame. Who knows whatever happened to Sir Mix A Lot? But his song will live on forever in the form of one of my favorite one hit wonders from the 90s

When I look back on the 90s, these are the songs that come to mind. They may not be musical genius, but they were fun to sing and dance along to. Do you love these one hit wonders from the 90s? What are some other great one hit wonders from the 90s? What makes these songs such great one hit wonders?


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