7 of Miley Cyrus' Best Vocal Performances ...

Take a look at some of Miley Cyrus’ best vocal performances. The talented singer never fails to amaze me. She’s out there living her life and being 21, but when it comes down to performing on stage, her voice is beyond her years. She’s always had this smooth, mature sound to her and I love it! She’s had so many great performances but these are my picks for Miley Cyrus’ best vocal performances.

1. “Lilac Wine”

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The Backyard Sessions was my favorite part about the summer of 2012. Miley brought her band together to perform acoustic versions of her favorite songs. Her voice is so smooth in “Lilac Wine” that I can literally just have it on repeat. I think this is one of Miley Cyrus’ best vocal performances just because it was something she did for herself. You can tell that she’s so into the song and it really shows off her raw talent. P.S That note at the end is everything.

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