19 Music Festivals for 2014 for Your Hit List ...


There is a calendar of fantastic music festivals for 2014. It seems that every country and every US state now has a music festival to write home about. Music festivals have become one of the great cultural features of our time, and everybody should experience at least one in their lifetime because they are about so much more than just great music. Here’s some of the music festivals for 2014 to stick in your diary.

1. South by Southwest, Austin Texas March 7th-16th

This festival is well known for uncovering new talents and is one of the 2014 music festivals not to be missed. There are big names here, but one of the best things about this festival is stumbling across great new bands and acts. The South by Southwest festival involves going from bar to bar, mingling with other fans and watching some great performances. This year on the line up there is Big Freedia, Charli XCX, Echosmith, and more.

Ultra Music Festival, Miami, March 28th-30th
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