9 Crooning Songs from Counting Crows That Sound like Pure Poetry ...

Maybe it's no longer quite cool, but songs from Counting Crows still give me the shivers. I've been a fan of this band since I was in junior high, and my love has yet to fade. Say what you will about Adam Duritz and his hair, but that man's voice is absolutely haunting. Moreover, so many songs from Counting Crows sound like pure poetry. These are lyrics that really make you think. Hopefully I'll even be able to introduce you to a few tunes you haven't heard before!

1. Round Here

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In addition to being one of the first tunes that I heard, this remains one of my favorite songs from Counting Crows. The lyrics are so plaintive that decades later, when I'm feeling hopeless or melancholy, this song goes on my playlist. β€œRound here, we always stand up straight; round here, something radiates.”

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