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While at my core I’m a die-hard Britney Spears fan, there are many underrated female artists I simply can’t get enough of! Pop music is great, but indie and alternative artists have a certain style that cannot be called anything but wonderful! These underrated female artists sing the soundtrack of my life, and deserve much more adoration than they get.

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Boy is a duo of two of the most talented underrated female artists I’ve ever heard. Their lyrics are honest, their sound is raw, and their voices are melodic. Why Boy’s album Mutual Friends wasn’t a chart topper I will never know! If you ever find yourself on a long drive, trying to momentarily escape your hectic life, let Boy sing the soundtrack of your life!



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Sóley is a quirky singer and instrumentalist from Iceland. She’s incredibly talented and her unique style deserves more recognition. Without a doubt, Sóley is one of my favorite underrated artists. When you’re feeling artsy and introspective, Sóley should be the one singing your background music.



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Dillon is such an elusive artist that it’s nearly impossible to find someone who’s even heard of her! With less than 3,000 followers on Twitter, Dillon is one of the least well known female artists I know of. But don’t let her intimate band of fans convince you that Dillon is some sort of amateur; Dillon has released one album and is scheduled to release another this March! Her voice is mesmerizing and her lyrics are unconventional. On a rainy day when you’re nestled in front of the fireplace, Dillon should be singing the soundtrack of your life!


Nellie McKay

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Nellie McKay has an adorable voice and bold opinions which she expresses through her songs. This songstress is as versatile as they come, having sung on Broadway, performed at the Hollywood Bowl, worked as a standup comedian, and released five albums. When you’re walking away from a heated argument and still fuming, Nellie is the singer whose retro style will calm you right down... and remind you that you were right to defend yourself.


The Pierces

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The Pierces’ claim to fame is “Secret,” which is the theme song to the popular show Pretty Little Liars. But this powerful duo has released many other songs worth listening to! The Pierces aren’t free of their eccentricities, but when has being normal meant good music? I love listening to The Pierces while getting ready in the morning, and dancing to their catchy and empowering songs!


Yael Naïm

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Yael Naïm has one of the most beautiful voices I’ve ever heard. I first heard her singing a cover of Britney Spears’ "Toxic," and, wow, what talent! Yael managed to take a hit song and transform it into an indie fan’s dream ballad! Her songs are nothing short of spellbinding, and are just the sort of music you should listen to as you fall asleep.


Sandi Thom

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Sandi Thom is a long time favorite artist of mine. This Scottish singer is a multiplatinum record seller, but became somewhat of a one-hit wonder. I would have to include her hit song “I Wish I Was a Punkrocker (With Flowers in My Hair)” in the soundtrack of my life. Her sound is spunky and creative, and her voice is as sweet as can be! Any song by Sandi Thom is perfect for a free-spirited road trip.

It will always baffle me why so many talented artists go unnoticed for almost all of their musical careers. The world is full of talented artists, but you really need to hunt for some of them! Which one of these gifted women do you think you’ll want to sing the soundtrack of your life?

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I love Boy!

Angela Mccluskey!


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