7 of the Best Father/Daughter Songs to Dance to ...

It's hard to narrow down the best father/daughter songs to dance to at a wedding. However, I think these 7 songs are all worthy of a spot on this list. The father/daughter dance is a very important part of the wedding, so I'm sure you want to find the perfect song. It's actually really incredible how many beautiful songs are out there for this. Check out some of my picks for the best father/daughter songs. Then, tell me which one was your favorite.

1. Cinderella - Steven Curtis Chapman

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This song is so beautiful! If you want to make sure there are no dry eyes in the room, this is the song for you. I love this song because it's exactly how every dad sees his little girl. You're his princess, and in the blink of an eye, you're all grown up and getting married. Still, he sees you as that little girl he'd twirl around with in the living room. This is a beautiful song to dance together because it'll bring back so many memories for both daughter and father. This is one of the best father/daughter songs!

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