7 Controversial Songs That Are Worth Listening to ...


There are some controversial songs that are worth listening to, as well as watching their accompanying video. When it comes to the arts, whether it be film, TV, books or music, we all know that controversy sells. When something is banned, whether it be a book, film or a song, it can ultimately propel the artist to fame and these songs are no exception. No publicity is bad publicity right? And if people are talking about it, the intrigue grows even more, as does the artist's bank balance! So here are some controversial songs that have set tongues wagging in the past and present.

1. Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke

This is one of the most recently released controversial songs and it was probably helped along by Miley's performance on the MTV Awards last year. It has in fact, been touted as the most controversial song of the decade in the UK, being banned from play lists at some University student unions, due to the fact that, in their view, it promotes a worrying attitude to towards sex and consent to it. The song has also reignited the debate about sexually explicit lyrics and music videos here in the UK, and the ways in which young people are being over exposed to risquΓ© music videos. What do you think, a whole lot of fuss about nothing or a legitimate worry?

Jeremy by Pearl Jam
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