7 Chick Flick Movie Soundtracks You Need on Your IPod ...

The only thing better than your favorite rom coms are the chick flick movie soundtracks that feature all the songs from the films. Chick flicks always have the greatest movie soundtracks. Another benefit to movie soundtracks is you get a wide variety of artist and musical genres. Downloading the soundtrack to a movie you love is a great way to introduce yourself to new music. Here are 7 chick flick movie soundtracks I believe every girl should have downloaded on their iPod.

1. The Bodyguard

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When it comes to chick flick movie soundtracks, it doesn’t get any better than the soundtrack to The Bodyguard. Okay, so I know this movie is over 20 years old, but that doesn’t mean that the soundtrack isn’t a must-have. It’s no secret that Whitney Houston has one of the greatest voices of all time and nothing proves it more than the soundtrack to The Bodyguard. The track list contains some of her greatest hits, including “I Have Nothing” and “I Will Always Love You.” If you don’t already have this soundtrack on your iPod, I suggest you download it now!

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