15 Best Breakup Songs for Valentine's Day ...


When you hear the term, โ€œbreakup songs for Valentine's Dayโ€, what songs come to mind? For many, it depends on what stage we're at in our recovery. Some of us spend a lot of time in the โ€œtearjerkerโ€ phase; others linger in the โ€œf***-youโ€ rant phase while others move quickly toward the โ€œacceptanceโ€ phase. In my experience, listening to music is a great way to get through the phases in a positive way. To that end, here are some of my favorite breakup songs for Valentine's Day. Some of them are โ€œB-sidesโ€, but they've still been helpful.

1. I Will Survive-Gloria Gaynor

No โ€œbreakup songs for Valentine's Dayโ€ list would be complete without this song. I think we can all agree that the spirit Gloria mentions is empowering, even if we haven't had our hearts broken. Plus, it's a great โ€œdance with the broom while you're cleaningโ€ song. If you haven't heard it, I suggest you listen to Cake's version. John McCrea's deadpan voice adds another dimension to the words.

Before He Cheats-Carrie Underwood
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