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If you are a fan of alternative rock bands or are open minded to different types of music, here's a list of some great alternative rock bands you need to check out. My favorite genre is alternative rock. I've grown up to some amazing alternative rock bands that I have to share with you!

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Muse Muse has got to be my favorite band out of all the alternative rock bands. This band has it all, from amazing guitar riffs, to beautiful piano parts and great vocals. I have yet to find a band with this unique sound. The music is so different and incredible! you need to check them out. My favorite songs include "Plug In Baby", "Starlight", and "Hysteria." You have to listen to this great band!


Smile Empty Soul

Smile Empty Soul Smile Empty Soul is a band with more of an acoustic sound. I would describe the songs as deep and emotional, which i really like in rock music. My favorite album is called "Vultures." My favorite songs include "Bottom of a Bottle" and "Nowhere Kids." Definitely a must on your playlist.


Three Days Grace

Three Days Grace I cannot stop listening to Three Days Grace at the moment! You may have heard of this band. I love every song from all four studio albums. This is a band you just have to listen to! The style of music is similar to that from Smile Empty Soul with more of an electric rock feel. Their music is all so great, that I just couldn't choose favorites!


Avenged Sevenfold

Avenged Sevenfold Avenged Sevenfold is one of the best rock bands with incredible harmonious guitar riffs and solos. The drummer of the band, known as The Rev, passed away in 2009 at the age of 28. He played a big role in the band's formation and music. The song "So Far Away" has been written and dedicated to The Rev by the rest of the band members. My favorite songs by A7X include "Seize The Day", "M.I.A", and "Afterlife."


Rise against

Rise against Rise Against is an alternative rock band with a sound similar to Three Days Grace, with a punk rock feel. This band has won awards for their incredible music. Some of my favorite songs include "Prayer of the Refugee", "Savior", and "Under the Knife."



Incubus Incubus is a really unique band with an acoustic sound similar to that of Smile Empty Soul. The lyrics, vocals and guitar are always beautifully performed and produced in each song. My favorite songs that you may have heard of include "Drive", "Wish You Were Here", and "Anna Molly." Check them out!



Oasis Oasis is a well known British band founded by the Gallagher brothers, Liam and Noel. Although the band has broken up, Oasis left quite a mark in the music industry. Their music will stay legendary and near and dear to my heart! Some of my favorites include "Champagne Supernova", "Cigarettes & Alcohol", "Gas Panic!" and of course, the famous "Wonderwall," There are countless of amazing songs you have to hear by this incredible band.

I hope you guys check out these amazing alternative rock bands and enjoy their music as much as I do! These bands have made my childhood that much better and created my love for music. What are some alternative rock bands you enjoy? Share them below!

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Avenged Sevenfold foREVer

I looove Muse and Oasis.

Muse 😍

Great musical taste!!

Rise against is the bombdiggity!!! Probs my fav post ever!!

My favorite is Muse


A Fire Inside

Definitely Placebo!!

this was an awful list. they might as well have put nickelback and creed on here. three days grace and avenged what ever hell their name is aren't even alternative. its shit really.

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