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Of all the things I've done for my husband in the nine years we've been married, about two-thirds of them have involved finding the best love songs for Valentine's Day. I can't sing or play an instrument to save my life, but there's just something about the right music that can set the mood for pretty much anything you want to do. To that end, here are some of my favorite love songs for Valentine's Day. I've tried to cross different genres, but some are more appropriate than others.

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To Make You Feel My Love-Various

Since this song has been “covered” so many times-Billy Joel, Adele, Garth Brooks are just a few-many of us wouldn't know that it was written by none other than Bob Dylan. Whoever sings it, it's one of the best love songs for Valentine's Day I've ever heard. Come on, I dare you to listen to it all the way through without tearing up. I'm getting misty just writing this.


I Will Always Love You-Various

I know this was also on the breakup song list, but I'm putting it here because it shows another side of true love-wanting your partner to have the best in life, even if it's not with you. It takes a very strong mind and heart to be willing to let someone you love go like this.


In Your Eyes-Peter Gabriel

A college boyfriend played this song outside my dorm like that scene in “Say Anything.” No lie. It was the most romantic thing anyone has ever done for me, both the gesture and the song.


Far Away-Nickelback

I know this band gets a lot of hate, although I'm really not sure why. Regardless of what you've heard about them, this is an incredible song.


I'd Die without You-P.M. Dawn

This is probably one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard, both in music and in words. I'd quote you a few lines, but I honestly can't decide which ones I like the best. You'll have to look it up; when you do, be sure to have a box of tissues handy.


John Michael Montgomery

Even if you're not a fan of country (and I'm really not), you have to admit that he can spin a good love song. Between “I Swear,” “I Love The Way You Love Me” and “I Can Love You Like That,” I couldn't decide which one described love the most. They've all been covered a few times, but the originals are still the best.


When I'm with You-Sheriff

This song has been around a while, but its message is timeless. "I never needed love/like I need you/and I never lived for nobody/but I live for you." Beautiful song, and his voice just makes it better. If you don't believe me, just listen to the chorus. Wow.


Whatta Man-Salt 'N' Pepa

“I wanna take a minute or two and give much respect due/to the man that's made a difference in my world.” These two lines say it all. It's not super-romantic like a lot of the other songs on this list, but the way she outlines the reasons she loves him shows the type of appreciation that a good man deserves. There are a lot more of them out there than you might think.


You're Still You-Josh Groban

The words are beautiful, but the best thing about this song can be described in two words-His. Voice. This guy could sing the ingredients off the back of the cereal box and I'd still melt. The fact that he's gorgeous is just icing on the cake.



Here's another instance of "I can't decide which love song is the best." "Just Say You'll Love Me," "Hard Habit to Break" and "You're the Inspiration" are all beautiful love anthems.


I Can't Help Falling in Love with You-Various

The original version was done by Elvis Presley, although I don't think he added any of his, um, interesting dance moves to the song. UB40 put out another version in the '90s that added a "reggae-pop" dimension to it, but it's a great song either way.


(Everything I do) I do It for You-Bryan Adams

This is the love theme to one of my favorite movies-Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. Even if you didn't like the movie, it's still a beautiful song.


I'll Be-Edwin McCain

Despite what I said in #1, I'm not normally a crier. However, I do have to admit that I teared up when I first heard this song on the radio. I don't know what "love's suicide" is, but I find the idea of a partner being "living proof" that love still exists to be very romantic.

Like I said above, there's just something about a good song that can set the mood for pretty much anything. It can be romantic, funny, sexy-you name it. What are some of your favorite love songs? Have I left any out? Which genres or artists do you find the most romantic? Discuss!

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Miracles-Jefferson Starship

I'll Be There for You-Bon Jovi

The Bon jovi is a good one


I do not love you - Ron Pope. The title sounds anti-love but it's about all the things he loves about her

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