7 Hardcore Rock Songs to Workout to ...


Sometimes while working out, I really enjoy listening to hardcore rock songs.

Nothing gets you worked up quite like hardcore music.2

Each of the songs on this list have great breakdowns that will make you feel like getting up and moving.

Whether you are lifting weights or doing cardio, these hardcore rock songs will get your blood flowing.

WARNING: Some of the hardcore rock songs on this list contain strong language, so listen at your own discretion.

1. Inked in Blood – All That Remains

One of my all time favorite hardcore rock songs is All That Remains by Inked in Blood.

This song has a smooth and consistent beat that makes it a great song to run or lift to.

This song does not contain adult language and has less screaming than some of the others on the list.

So if you are just getting into hardcore music, this is a great song to start out with.

2. Rage against the Machine – Killing in the Name

Killing in the Name is a song by rap metal band Rage Against the Machine.

This song serves as a protest to institutional racism and police brutality.

The strong language and politically driven lyrics can really get your heart rate going and the guitar riffs are mesmerizing.

However, this song isn’t for those with sensitive ears as it repeats the F word 17 times.

Nevertheless, this song can really get you going during a workout!

3. Escape the Fate – This War is Ours (the Guillotine Pt. II)

This War is Ours is on the second Escape the Fate album (the first album with new vocalist Craig Mabbitt) by the same name.

The lyrics are about being on the frontlines of war and defying all odds to win a battle.

This song helps to motivate me while I am working out.

At times, I feel like my workout is getting the best of me, but this song helps me to push through.

This song is also free of any profanity and features singing throughout the screamed verses.

Bury Your Dead – House of Straw
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