What's the Definition of Love? These Songs Explain It Perfectly ...


Whether you've been single forever or are currently head over heels in love, it's difficult to explain the feeling. When you're crazy about someone, your emotions are so strong that it's almost impossible to put them into words. Of course, that's why we listen to musicians. They use their lyrics and instruments to say what most of us struggle to explain. So if you're wondering what love really feels like, here are some songs that try to explain it:

1. Love Will Keep You up All Night by Backstreet Boys

When you genuinely love someone, you won't be able to stop thinking about them. They'll always be on your mind, and if you ever get into an argument with them, you'll be up all night thinking about how to fix it. There will even be nights when things are perfectly peaceful, but you'll be up all night anyway, thinking about how lucky you are to be with such an amazing specimen.

Love is an Open Door from Frozen
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