The Hottest New Singers You Need to Hear before They Hit It Big ...


The beautiful thing about music is that there are ALWAYS new artists/songs to discover. Since there's so much, I'm sure I'm not aware of all the same things that you are so if you can think of any other up-and-coming artists, feel free to share their names in the comments section. Let's all share new music with each other!

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My current music obsession? Halsey. She's incredibly talented and is truly the epitome of an artist. After hearing just one song of hers, I immediately bought her "Room 93" EP without even thinking about it. Of course, I was not disappointed. If you haven't heard of her yet, it's time to hop on the bandwagon because it won't be long before she's taking up the airwaves.


Years and Years

If this is the first time you're hearing of Years & Years, you're welcome. I've been obsessed with their artistry for the past year and can't believe they haven't really "blown up" in the U.S. yet. However, they're definitely on the verge. Their song "King" is on everyone's radar - even Nick Jonas loves it! He recently covered the song while at the BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge, so be sure to check that out. You can buy Years & Years' EP on iTunes!


Bad Suns

If you're a Bad Suns fan, you're probably wondering why they're on this "new singers" list. Well, believe it or not, a lot of people are not aware of their magical sound so now's the perfect opportunity to introduce their music! The first song I heard from the band was "Cardiac Arrest" and that's all it took for me to love them! The band had a coveted slot on this past Coachella lineup so they're definitely headed to the top!


Niykee Heaton

Niykee Heaton is a name you'll want to remember. The singer is all about keeping it real with her lyrics and makes a tremendous effort at staying connected with her fans on social media. Listen to "Bad Intentions" and you'll know why she's a star on the rise.


Ryn Weaver

Haven't heard of Ryn Weaver? You should. She's about to be the next big thing! With her catchy songs and unique sense of style, Ryn's the "cool girl" everyone loves. In fact, Halsey recently tweeted her asking that if they were to ever be pitted against each other, they'd both give up and form a k-pop supergroup instead. LOL!


Zara Larsson

Although she hails from Sweden, Zara Larsson is about to hit it big here in the U.S. Back in 2013, she went on her first tour as an opening act for pop singer Cher Lloyd alongside Fifth Harmony! Today, she's already released an EP through Epic Records and will be making her way back to the U.S. soon for some shows hopefully! Listen to her single "Uncover" and you'll see why she's the next big thing!



Max Schneider, who goes by MAX now, is definitely an artist you need to pay attention to. If he looks familiar to you, it's because he's starred in some Nickelodeon movies and has YouTube covers that have reeled in millions of views. Now, he's signed to Pete Wentz's record label and is even joining Fall Out Boy's "Boys of Zummer" tour as an opening act! It's sure to gain him many new fans!

Can you think of any other awesomely talented up-and-coming singers? Share them in the comments!

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Zara has an amazing voice....didnt know about her until this article.....there not really old or anything but i loveeee tove lo and alyssa reid.....

Zara Larsson is another thing about my homeland that I love


There's also Ella Eyre 😍

I love Zara!

I love ryn weaver 😘👍🏻❤️❤️

Vance Joy

I've already been listening to these artists forever I love them. I hope they don't go big soon because it's like I have my own little thing that not a lot of people know about

I discovered zara larsson recently and she's amaziiing!

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