This One's for All Curvy Ladies Songs about Curvy Being Sexy ...


You're a gorgeous girl, whether you're stick thin or curvy. Every body shape has beauty to it, which is why you should learn to love the way you look. After all, there's no point in tearing yourself down. You're stuck with your body, so you might as well enjoy your time with it. Here are a few positive songs for all of you curvy chicks:

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Hard out Here by Lily Allen

Lily Allen is the queen of sarcasm. This song makes fun of the fact that society believes women aren't pretty unless you can see their skin and bones. Of course, Lily knows that that's just not true, which is why she's singing this song. Not only does it encourage women to be happy with their size, but it also encourages them to date as many men as they please and break every gender stereotype that they'd like.


Baby Got Back by Sir Mix-a-lot

This song may be old, but it couldn't be more current. Today, women everywhere want a butt like Kim Kardashian, because that's what's become popular. So instead of worrying about how big your booty is, you should be proud of it. It's fashionable, after all.


Booty by Jennifer Lopez

Here's another song about big butts. It encourages women to strut their stuff on the dance floor and to shake their booty. So stop being shy about what you look like and start flaunting it as often as you can. No one will mind.


Brick House by the Commodores

Here's a song that you've probably heard before. It's about women who are strong and know how to handle themselves. So if you're a curvy girl who knows what she wants from life, this song is about how amazing you are. You could please any man.


Bootylicious by Destiny's Child

Bet you haven't heard this song in a while. It's all about being bootylicious and beautiful. It'll remind you just how amazing your body is, no matter how big or small you are. Hey, if Beyonce sung about it, then it must be true.


Anaconda by Nicki Minaj

You can't escape this song. Even though the music video is a little crazy, you should enjoy the concept of the lyrics. Nicki loves to flaunt her body, and doesn't care what anyone says about her. She's a true star, and you should learn from her confidence.


Milkshake by Kelis

This song will get stuck in your head if it isn't already. It's all about a woman who knows how sexy her own curves are. The guys just go crazy for her body. They lose their minds whenever they see her move, and she loves every second of it.


All about That Bass by Meghan Trainor

If you're bigger than the models you see in magazines, don't worry. Meghan Trainor makes it clear that curvy girls are just as beautiful as skinny girls. In fact, any size is gorgeous, so be confident with your looks. You deserve to be happy when you look in the mirror.

As long as your body is keeping you alive and breathing, you should be happy with it. Size doesn't matter, as long as you're healthy. What other songs do you listen to that make you feel positive about your sexy curves?

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Love this agree totally

"Big Girls" by Mika is a good one as well.

I agree with Olivia

What about mika???

I hate all about that bass. The other songs are great but they don't actually slam other people in them.

Maybe we should be worried about some music videos becoming porn worthy

Same here. And now all about that bass is gonna be stuck in my head today😣

Hey Allwomenstalk, instead of making a singular post to give "curvy girls"* a reason to love their bodies** maybe you should start using pictures of all body types in your articles. All I ever see are skinny (and mostly white, or "white featured") bodies on here. If you want people to feel confident then do your best to represent ALL bodies. Skinny bodies, fat bodies, muscular bodies, hairy bodies, dark bodies, and trans bodies should all have representation on this site. You have the power to be a different kind of media. Use it for the better. * (quotes because you're really only talking about girls who are blessed with lots of ass) ** (those reasons being a list of songs, some of which are objectifying and/or a skewed view of body positivity - for example: love your big butt because boys find it sexy.)

HATE anaconda and booty. The videos of both are practically porn.

This is my opinion if you don't have the confidence in yourself then no song would fix you. First all of us no matter our body type we have to love ourselves songs are inspiration not something to rely on. Our self esteem and personality comes from within us so don't expect to be change by hearing songs change yourself by loving who and how you're

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