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Maybe your crush just got a girlfriend. Maybe he rejected you. Maybe you've just realized that he's not the nice person you thought he was. Whatever the case may be, you need to forget about all of his good qualities and focus on getting over him. If you're having trouble removing him from your thoughts, here are a few helpful songs to listen to:

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The King of Wishful Thinking by New Found Glory

This song is the perfect anthem for anyone who needs to get over a crush or an ex. It's uplifting and upbeat--it represents everything that you should aspire to be. So learn from New Found Glory and "refuse to give into your blues." It's the easiest way to start loving life again.


"The King of Wishful Thinking" is a cover of the 1990 hit by Go West, but New Found Glory injects it with pop-punk energy that makes it feel brand new. The catchy hooks and buoyant rhythm sweep you up in a wave of optimism. This reinvigorating rendition carries a message about pushing through heartache with a head held high and a resilient spirit. It's a musical nudge reminding us that even when love lets us down, we can find strength and joy in the notes that lift us back up. 🎶✨


Straightjacket Feeling by the All American Rejects

Once you reach the chorus, you'll see why this song is so helpful for anyone with a broken heart. It goes, "Yesterday was hell, but today I'm fine without you." Even though some days will be rough, other days will be better. Your life isn't ruined, all because you aren't dating a certain someone. Keep your chin up.

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Yes, music has the power to affect our emotions and mood. Listening to songs that resonate with your feelings about your crush can provide comfort and help you process your emotions.

Look for playlists or articles on women's music websites that focus on themes of moving on and personal growth. They'll often have a collection of songs that deal with the feelings of getting over a crush.

Songs about moving on, letting go, and finding strength after a crush are great for healing. They often reflect on the experience and encourage self-love and looking forward to the future.

Everyone heals differently. If music isn't helping you, it might be useful to explore other activities like talking to a friend, writing in a journal, or engaging in exercise to help you move on from your crush.

Definitely! Many artists have explored the theme of getting over a crush in their music. You might find certain artists whose lyrics and style really speak to you and your situation.


I Can do Better by Avril Lavigne

There's nothing wrong with getting a little angry about your situation. That's why this song is great to listen to when you need to release your emotions. It'll remind you that you're better off without your crush. You can do way better.


Avril Lavigne delivers a punch of empowerment with this hit — it's exactly what you need when you're feeling heartbroken. Turn up the volume and let the bold riffs and sassy lyrics fill you with the confidence to move on. Remember, standing up for yourself never goes out of style, and YOU are the main character in your life story. So, next time you're dwelling on a crush that didn't pan out, blast this anthem and remember: you're nobody's second choice, you're top-tier, and absolutely worth the best!


Good Girl by Carrie Underwood

You're a good girl, and as enticing as bad boys are, you should stay away from them. You shouldn't settle for less than a perfect gentleman. You deserve the best.


Love Drunk by Boys like Girls

When you think you're in love, it's similar to being drunk, because it's hard to think straight. However, it's time to sober up and realize that your crush isn't right for you. You don't need him, and this song will help you find closure.


It’s Alright, It’s Okay by Ashley Tisdale

You'll probably remember this catchy song. It's all about a woman who knows that she's much better off without her crush. She doesn't even want him in her life anymore, because she's stronger alone.


I’m over It by Katherine McPhee

There's no better song to listen to when you want to get over your crush. Katherine McPhee lists some of the things that she used to love about a man, but now she's over all of it. To sum it all up: "Wanting you to be wanting me, no that ain't no way to be."


That’s What You Get by Paramore

You shouldn't always listen to your heart over your common sense. If falling for your crush was a total mistake, you'll love this song, because it'll remind you that it's far too easy to let your heart win even when it shouldn't. Your feelings are important, but you can't completely ignore what your brain is telling you.


Riding Solo by Jason Derulo

Hate being alone? Well, this song assures you that the single life isn't all that bad. Sometimes, it's best to take some time to focus on yourself and forget all about dating.

You're stronger than you give yourself credit for. Even though you're upset about your situation right now, you'll be over it eventually. It just takes some time, some dignity, and some songs. What music has helped you get over a crush in the past?

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Anything by Taylor Swift is good. :)

And also I Knew You Were Trouble by Taylor Swift is good as well as We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together, although they don't necessarily talk about walking away from the guy, but about how she dislikes the guy. You've probably herd them

lol Emma I agree

This will really help me bc my crush doesn't really know how to control himself and is pretty crazy. He's hard to drop though because he's funny and cute. Thanks so much!


Wow, great list! :) Thank you!

some quotes are great: don't let your heart lead always and a crush is like being drunk, thanks

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