7 Upbeat Songs to Help You Get over a Guy ...

Music has healing properties that beat the effect of ice cream or alcohol, which is why there are songs to help you get over a guy. Listening to sad music will only make you swell in your heartache, so stop your suffering with upbeat tunes. The lyrics in these songs to help you get over a guy will make you see the beauty within yourself and find happiness without a relationship.

1. I Look so Good (without You) by Jessie James

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Being single doesn't mean you have to be miserable. Jessie James assumes that she'll feel empty when her boyfriend leaves her, but she actually ends up feeling whole. Her skin looks clearer, her hair looks shinier, and her eyes look brighter. Her entire appearance changes--for the better. This is one of the songs to help you get over a guy and make you feel as gorgeous as ever.

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