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7 Song Parodies to Brighten Your Day ...

By Shannon

If your day is off to a bumpy start, a few song parodies can help turn it around. Heck, even if your day starts with a smile and a cup of sunshine, a good chuckle makes everything better. And if you can jam out to a catchy dance tune, well, that gets an A+! I hope you take a moment to check out a few of these song parodies.

1 Single Ladies

Of the many song parodies around I always come back to this little gem by The Dan Band. The video opens with three guys doing a pretty normal thing: car maintenance. The trio proceeds to turn this mundane task into a spectacular performance! They know every single dance step! At the end they head out like nothing happened.

2 Let It Go

This parody from Mylifesuckers is popping up all over the web! If you have children - big or small - in your home, you will relate to the message. Kristen turns the original Let It Go lyrics into a chaotic house theme song. Hum along as she laments the loss of her abs and join in the silliness at the dance break! If you are a mom, feeling alone in the mommyverse, play this video.

3 Bohemian Rhapsody

Guilty confession - I love the Muppets. Their squishy faces, silly antics and funny voices provide a childish entertainment that is fun for any age. Watch and listen as they turn Queen’s groundbreaking song into a fun ride. From Animal’s intro to Beaker’s unintelligible lyrics, there is silliness at every turn! The fun only gets bigger and better with Ms. Piggy’s grand finale.

4 Perform This Way

When it comes to song parodies Weird Al is a leader. Leave it to him to take completely change this Lady Gaga classic. The beehive dress, contortionist moves and scary superimposed head will make you furrow your brow AND giggle. When you need a chuckle tune in and hum along. You may not know the words but you surely know the tune.

5 Royals

The Key Of Awesome YouTube channel has tons of parody videos. Their version of Royals is a great example of this group's parody genius! We have heard this song a gazillion times but not this way. The words are funny and the chorus is ever changing. Kristen Brancaccio does a good job of poking fun at Lorde’s video persona. Tune in when you need a funny boost.

6 Love is an Open Door

The wildly popular movie Frozen has spawned numerous song parodies. In this video, Sam and Nia demonstrate one reason why Frozen parodies have exploded: the songs are fun! This couple looks like they are having a grand ole time and we are right there with them. Their facial expressions and hand gestures are fantastic; perfectly reminiscent of nearly any Disney character. You have got to check out this video.

7 Hip Hop Twerk - 4k

This video pokes fun at two things I love: dancing and Star Wars. Scott and Brendo answer a question of the ancients: "How do Storm Troopers relax?" Well, they get together and dance in an alley, of course! The dancing is good and the music will make you want to move. These guys are having a blast until Vader shows up.

A good song parody is fun and wildly entertaining. With all the source material out there, it looks like we will be entertained for many years to come. Do you have a favorite song parody or two?

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