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There are so many amazing live performances by New Politics. I'm wildly excited to see them open up for Fall Out Boy and Paramore this summer on the MONUMENTOUR! They've got such an awesome vibe to them and are a band that truly enjoys music. I think it's such a treat to watch musicians who love what they're doing and have fun while doing it. Check out some of my favorite performances by New Politics and keep in mind, this is just seven out of many!

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'Tonight You're Perfect'

This song is definitely one of my favorites. It's definitely not your typical love song but that's okay. I think David and Soren killed it with the vocals! I love that they manage to bring energy even to a mellow song. This is just one of my favorite performances by New Politics.



This is the song that made a lot of people fall in love with New Politics; including me. They've done tons of performances of this song but the one at the Billboards studio has to be my favorite. Just listening to the intro always pumps me up! I love how lost David gets in the music. One monte he's jamming out and the next moment he's break dancing. It's really such a treat to watch that!


'give Me Hope'

I love the fact that New Politics is a 'Feed The Beat' band. If you don't already know, 'Feed The Beat' is a campaign that feeds hungry bands on the road, for free. To return the favor, bands stop by and share their music. I love this acoustic performance of 'Give Me Hope'. David's enthusiasm just immediately puts a smile on my face! Also, the lyrics are great.


'fall into These Arms'

The guys performed at 101.9 FM's radio station and needless to say, did an awesome job. This song is also not your typical love song but I don't even mind because David's vocals sound fantastic. I love how casual the setting is - it allows the guys to really just chill out and play some great music. P.S Soren did an awesome job with that ukelele!


'yeah Yeah Yeah'

I love this performance. It's not acoustic or a casual environment. It's real concert footage and it's awesome. I love how interactive they are with the crowd! It gets me so pumped to see them live this summer.


Fall out Boy Medley

I watch this video way too often. When New Politics first opened up for Fall Out Boy, they made a medley video of classic FOB songs and it's awesome. I love how they're all just hanging out and making great music together. I'm really excited to see them share the stage with Fall Out Boy again!


'goodbye Copenhagen'

I love this song because the lyrics are really heartfelt. The guys wrote it based on what they went through after uprooting their lives from Copenhagen and moving to New York City. Clearly, it was an amazing decision because the guys are doing great here! I'm excited to see them take over the music scene.

Well, there you have it! These are just seven out of many amazing live performances by New Politics. I can not wait to see them live this summer - I have a feeling they're going to do a great job at pumping up the crowd! Of the list, which performance was your favorite?

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love them! I am so excited they are in your with paramore and fall out boy since I was given tickets as a gift. These videos were awesome and makes me love them even more. Thanks for sharing!!!!

I saw them in Manchester for my birthday with fall out boy, best night of my life :D

I attempted to send this as an email to a friend but the email doesn't have the "send" option!!

On tour*.... oh autocorrect xP

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