7 Incredible Live Performances by Rixton That'll Make You a Fan ...


There are so many fantastic live performances by Rixton. If they're not on your radar by now, it's time to change that. These UK musicians are ridiculously talented. They're about to change the music game, for sure. Check out some of the incredible live performances by Rixton and let me know if they turn you into a fan!

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'the Voice' Performance

Rixton recently took on the stage at The Voice! They got to perform in front of their musical idols who were all very impressed by their performance. Even while fighting a cold, Jake pulled through and gave an incredible vocal performance. After the boys performed, they took to Twitter and let their fans know that that performance had been the highlight of their careers! The list for incredible live performances by Rixton just keeps getting better.


VEVO Lift: 'Appreciated'

This song is so, so sweet. The lyrics are beautiful and I love that they stay true to the song while performing it live. I wonder who they each dedicate this song to? It's surely a song that's worthy of dedicating to one of your loved ones!


VEVO Lift: 'Hotel Ceiling'

This song is one of my favorites off their EP. Then again, every song is a favorite of mine. The boys sang it live as a part of their VEVO Lift series and it's so good. The song is really heartfelt and I love that Jake's vocals portray that. The rest of the boys killed it on their instruments/back up vocals!


R. Kelly 'Ignition' Cover

Rixton performed R. Kelly's "Ignition" live at 106.7 FM radio station and needless to say, they killed it. I love how how you can tell that they're having a great time performing. It's such a treat to watch musicians perform when they genuinely love and enjoy what they're doing. I would've loved to be been able to seen this performance live!


Drake 'Hold on We're Going Home' Cover

I've seen a lot of people try to cover this song and personally, Rixton's is my favorite. I love how whenever they cover a song, they always take their time to make it their own. They've got a such a cool vibe to them, I could listen to this cover for hours on end. They hit some serious notes in this video!



The boys performed 'Speakerphone' live at the KDWB Skyroom. It's one of my favorite songs and I think they all did a great job performing it. I love they all seem to get lost in the music while playing. That shows their true and genuine love for music.


'i Knew You Were Trouble' Cover

This is the video that ignited my love for Rixton. They show true artistry with this video! The boys recorded a 'response' video for Taylor Swift's "I Knew You Were Trouble". They switched up the lyrics and really made it their own. P.S Jake's vocals are AMAZING in this video.

Well, there you have it! These are just seven out of MANY ridiculously amazing performances by Rixton. If you hadn't heard of them before, now's the time to do your research on them. These UK band is about to take the US music biz by storm. They're getting more and more successful each day! Which performance was your favorite?

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love it!!!

i already love them!!!!

I've already knew them, they have cute British accent! they're also hot

I absolutely love them!! You just can't go wrong with cute guys with British accents who can sing. I stumbled across one of their covers months ago and have been in love since.

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