Songs That Will Fire You up for Anything ...

By Holly

Songs That Will Fire You up for Anything ...

Music can drastically alter your mood, which is why you should listen to certain songs in order to prep yourself for the gym or a big party. After all, the more excited you are for an occasion, the better time you're going to end up having. It can't hurt to put some of the following songs on your playlist, so grab your iPod!

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1 House Party by 3OH!3

The next time you decide to throw a party, or even the next time your friends invite you out for a night on the town, you should listen to this song. It'll get you pumped to party. It's impossible to listen to the lyrics without getting in the mood to dance around and drink (if you're old enough).

2 Party Starter by Will Smith

Here's another song to listen to when you want to get pumped to party. Will Smith is more than an amazing actor. He's also a singer capable of getting anyone up and onto their feet. If you're planning on staying out with your friends for hours, then you should put on this song to prepare yourself for the night ahead of you.

Listening to humorous music is a powerful mood booster. According to a popular music blog, playful melodies and witty lines can turn your gloomy day into a cheerful one. You can discover a collection of funny songs that will surely make your heart light and will keep you giggling all day. Give them a listen and get your daily dose of laughter.

3 Life’s a Happy Song by the Muppets

You don't have to listen to party music to get pumped up. Something sweet and innocent like the Muppets can get the job done. If you're excited for a date or to go to the job that you love, you should listen to this song. It'll remind you that you're lucky to be alive and should enjoy every moment of your day.

4 Sure Fire Winners by Adam Lambert

This is a great song to listen to at the gym. When you feel like you can't run on the treadmill for another minute, the lyrics will remind you that you're a winner and will push you to keep going. After all, you can do anything that you set your mind to, so don't give up.

5 Take It off by Kesha

This song will make you feel sexy. Whether you're getting dressed for the club or applying your makeup before classes start, you should listen Kesha to put yourself in a better mood. All of her talk about taking your clothes off will make you feel beautiful in your body.

6 Up All Night by Hinder

Whether you're headed to a sleepover with your pals or going on a hot date, this song will pump you up for the occasion. It'll push you to stay up all night and have the time of your life. You only live once, so you might as well do whatever makes you the happiest. Just don't complain in the morning when you're dead tired from all of the fun.

7 I like It like That by Hot Chelle Rae

This is a cute little song that'll have you bopping your head along. Even though the singer is having a rough day, he's still able to enjoy his life. He knows that he can create his own happiness, so he just enjoys the ride.

Music can move you emotionally, as well as physically, which is why you need to have a playlist full of songs meant to pump you up. What song do you listen to when you want to get pumped up?

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