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If you've experienced a break-up or have reached that point where you've had it with the male population, it is time to learn more about seven hilariously awesome songs that tell it like it is. Within this collection of songs, you will find options matching different moods and emotions to help you express exactly how you feel. Are you ready to feel better? OK, let's review these seven hilariously awesome songs that tell it like it is.

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Hate Me by Five Finger Death Punch

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The list of my all-time favorite songs that tell it like it is begins with "Hate Me" by Five Finger Death Punch. If you have ever had one of those days where you just really wanted to rant and scream after someone seriously shatters your heart, this is your song. It is a great release that can help you through serious levels of pain and strong emotions.


Fighter by Christina Aguilera

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This is among my personal favorites for telling it like it is. The story tells about a woman who was hurt, yet chose to rise above abuse and mistreatment instead of running for the nearest convenience store and buying ice cream to drown her sorrows. I don't know about you personally, but I'd rather be this chick than to sit around crying because some guy decided to act like an idiot.


You're so Vain by Carly Simon

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It's a classic! If you haven't seen the movie “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days,” you are missing out. While I prefer the original, Kate Hudson's rendition was hilarious. There are men out there that truly are so egotistical that they believe everything is about them even when it's not. There are still men in this world who are all about quantity over quality and will continue to play games. This is a great song for them.


Blow Me by Pink

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I love Pink! I thrive off her tell it like it is energy, especially after a breakup. This song doesn't disappoint. I know I have found myself evaluating a situation and rolling my eyes at just how truly irrelevant and pointless it is. And it is at this point where you just have to stand up and say, "No! I'm out of here!" Ladies, sometimes it is better to wonder about a man than to date him. Seriously, keep that ignorance and bliss while you admire him from afar. If he seems like a jerk regardless of how attractive he may be, walk away.


You Oughta Know by Alanis MORISSETTE

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I remember the first time that I heard this song. It was the exact moment that I let go of my longest high school relationship. It's sort of like gaining that moment of clarity that says, “You always deserved better than this,” and you just go with it, finally releasing all the anger you allowed to build up. Yes, that is what this song is.


Call Me when You're Sober by Evanescence

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This is another personal favorite. This is the cure for those jerks who want to ignore you until it is convenient for them and call you at random times wanting to meet up somewhere. Among my favorite lines in this song are, “Must be exhausting to lose your own game,” and “How could I? You were never mine.” The song allows you to point out to these jerks that you won't be a party to their games anymore, you respect yourself, and you can walk away with your head held high.


Mr. Know It All by Kelly Clarkson

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I love this song. I must say, however, it has been used entirely too much in social media for this purpose. I have seen numerous friends post it at random after a fight with their significant other. I'm not discrediting the song in any way, it tells it like it is in a brilliant fashion. But please use it sparingly.

A break-up or the day you just realize that it's time to unload a jerk can inspire the need to vent through music. This collection of tell it like it is songs will help you get through this day and arrive at a better place after releasing all the negative vibes. What are some of your favorite tell it like is songs?

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Sweet Sacrifice is a great tell it like it is Evanescence song. Dedicated to the men who play the victim after its over.

Step off by kacey musgraves is fab

Mood Rings by Relient K

i love evanescence

Evanescence is wonderful!! Also Good Enough is a great song by her. Anything by Marina an the Diamonds when trying to get over a guy...

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