7 Songs to Cry Your Eyes out to after a Breakup ...

Breaking up is something that is so, so difficult and finding the right songs to cry your eyes out to that are not Taylor Swift or Adele (not that anything is wrong with them mind you, but some of us want something a little more) can be hard! If you've been dying for a list of songs to cry your eyes out to after a breakup that are not whiny, but rather empowering and then realize that you are better off,here goes...

1. Fighter - Christina Aguilera

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The very first of 7 songs to cry your eyes out to is all about Christina. I love this song because aren't we all fighters of some sort? Aren't we all just fighting not just for our lives but also fighting so that we can get over someone? Christina is an empowering and strong woman and I've got to say, this is the song to listen to when you are breaking up or have already broken up with someone.

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