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7 Songs to Cry Your Eyes out to after a Breakup ...

By Heather

Breaking up is something that is so, so difficult and finding the right songs to cry your eyes out to that are not Taylor Swift or Adele (not that anything is wrong with them mind you, but some of us want something a little more) can be hard! If you've been dying for a list of songs to cry your eyes out to after a breakup that are not whiny, but rather empowering and then realize that you are better off,here goes...

1 Fighter - Christina Aguilera

The very first of 7 songs to cry your eyes out to is all about Christina. I love this song because aren't we all fighters of some sort? Aren't we all just fighting not just for our lives but also fighting so that we can get over someone? Christina is an empowering and strong woman and I've got to say, this is the song to listen to when you are breaking up or have already broken up with someone.

2 So What - Pink

I think that this song is so, so cute and the video is even better! If you're going through a tough time with a breakup, this empowering song is just what you need. After all, so what if you broke up? You'll move on and find someone worth your time girls.

3 You Oughta Know - Alanis Morissette

This song might be an older one but it's certainly the ultimate breakup song. While you might wish the best for your ex, they will never, ever find someone as good as you. I also love Alanis' voice. I think that it is beautiful and it's truly unique. And the lyrics? Awesome and you can really relate to them!

4 Since U Been Gone - Kelly Clarkson

What breakup song list would be complete without this one? Kelly Clarkson is such a powerful woman, she's so beautiful and her voice is incredible. If you're looking for a song that will help you move on from your ex and forget about your relationship in general, this is the song for you – put it on repeat!

5 You'll Think of Me -Keith Urban

The fact that a guy is singing this makes it all much more heart breaking. I love the detail in this song, I love that he really lets his heart out and admits to how much he is thinking about his ex. He wants to move on but he doesn't know how. Relationships are hard to get over, but this song can ease the pain a little bit.

6 Better in Time - Leona Lewis

Even if you're feeling completely hopeless that you'll ever perk up again and you'll ever feel like you are going to be able to move on, this song will help. It'll let you know that you aren't alone in how you feel and that it's okay for you to feel lonely – but don't let it overtake you.

7 Smile - Lily Allen

Finally, I love this long as a breakup song. It's not only incredibly accurate in how you are going to feel, but it's a song that makes you think and a song that sticks in your head. This should be a repeat song on your playlist if you're going through a breakup.

Now that you know what your breakup playlist should look like, what are some of your favorite breakup songs? Did I manage to match any of them? Let me know your faves!

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