7 Best Owl City Songs I'm Obsessed with ...


7 Best Owl City Songs I'm Obsessed with ...
7 Best Owl City Songs I'm Obsessed with ...

Owl City is one of those bands that is so, so happy, so peppy and so fun to listen to; I recently got to see them in concert and I loved them, so that leads me to the best Owl City songs that I'm totally obsessed with and can't stop listening to! If you've never heard of Owl City – think Oreo, because they did the cute little Oreo commercials! If you know Owl City, take a look and see if my best Owl City songs list matches up with yours!

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Vanilla Twilight

Oh, Vanilla Twilight. This is the very first Owl City song that I was ever introduced to and I loved it the second that I heard it! This is one of the best Owl City songs out there and it's all due to the line: the spaces between my fingers are right where yours fit perfectly. How great is that line? Incredible!


The Technicolor Phase

Now, this song was actually featured in the Tim Burton version of Alice in Wonderland and I fell instantly in love with it. It's a song that you listen to when you want something light, something airy and something that is going to bring out the kid in you. I have listened to it today – probably about 10 times.


Butterfly Wings

Do you remember when you were in your first crush and he or she gave you butterflies? That's what this song reminds me of. It's all about relationships and it's all about being in love. It's a song that is so kid-like, so beautiful and so fun to listen to.



I think that this particular song is all about a new relationship and keeping the flames alive in it. I love the beat of this song, the beauty of the words and the fact that it describes a new relationship and even an old relationship as embers. Don't let the fire die okay?



Fireflies was another song that I heard when I first heard this beautiful band and I instantly fell for it. Not only does it describe fireflies beautifully, but I think that this song has so many layers and so many meanings – in a light-hearted way. If you want a pop song that makes you think, this is the song for you.


Good Time

Who doesn't love Carly? I do! I think that she is so, so cute and her pairing with Owl City is nothing short of sugar delicious. This is a song that will get stuck in your head as soon as you hear it once and it reminds me of road trips, of heading all over the city and really never having a direction. It reminds me of my 20s and how I could stay up all night – no matter what.


Hello Seattle

I like this song because of the beat and how they are describing their beautiful city. One thing that I like about Owl City is that they have never, ever lost their roots – they still perform in small, tiny clubs (like the one I saw them in!) and this song just describes this particular band beautifully!

Now that you know exactly what Owl City songs are my favorite, do you have some that are your fave? Have you ever heard of them?

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On the Wing is a nice and fluffy(?) song. I would definitely recommend.

A true fan would know that Owl City isn't a "them". It's just Adam.

Me too! I'm like the craziest Owl City fan ever!

I love Dreams Don't Turn to Dust and Alligator Sky

My fave is "If my heart was a house" tho

Obsessed with fireflies

I love owl city. Adam is the best

Galaxies and Metropolis are my favorites

I'm obsessed with Peppermint winter! I play it all year long :D

Obsessed with "Good time" & I ❤️ "Fireflies"

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