7 Songs Sung by Disney Villains We Can't Help but Love ...

Some of my favorite music in Disney movies are the songs sung by Disney villains. Disney villains are the characters we love to hate, and most of them get at least one good song in before they are defeated by the film’s hero. These songs work to expose the motives of the villains as well as show the audience how dark their personalities really can be. So here are the songs sung by Disney villains that we just can’t help but love!

1. Poor Unfortunate Souls – the Little Meremaid

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One of my absolute favorite songs sung by Disney villains is "Poor Unfortunate Souls" from the Disney classic, The Little Mermaid. The song is sung by Ursula the Sea Witch to the Little Mermaid herself, Ariel. The song seduces Ariel into trading her voice for a pair of legs. The song is done in Broadway style, making it incredibly catchy!

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