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There are so many lesser known singers out there just waiting to be heard! I have so much fun trawling the Internet or radio stations in search of new singers to look for, and it’s always so satisfying finding someone you haven’t listened to before that you just seem to click with. Check out these lesser known singers, and maybe you’ll find your next favourite!

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Stu Larsen

I saw Stu Larsen last year when he was playing support at Passenger’s concerts. Stu Larsen has a very Passenger-esque sound, with poetic lyrics and simple, acoustic tunes. I was lucky enough to speak to him after the show, and not only does he have a voice to die for, he’s a seriously lovely guy as well. He is definitely one of the lesser known singers you have to check out!


Amos Lee

If you like guitar melodies and political and angsty lyrics, you should definitely have a listen to Amos Lee. He’s an American singer/songwriter specialising in the genres of folk, soul and rock, encompassing all of them into songs perfect for lazy summer afternoons. If you’re unsure of which song to start with, definitely check out ‘Careless’ and ‘Supply and Demand.’


Ashleigh Mannix

Want to feel like you’re on a beachy road trip? Ashleigh Mannix is definitely the gal to take a listen to. I’m not a country music lover, but Ashleigh Mannix certainly has a slight twang to her voice, which makes her music and melodies sweet and harmonious. Her EP, coincidentally titled ‘My First EP,’ is golden.


Basement Birds

Basement Birds combine four of my favourite artists ever: Josh Pyke, Kav Temperley (from Eskimo Joe), Steve Parkin and Kevin Mitchell (otherwise known as Bob Evans, from Jebediah). They have four very different voices, but create songs that have stellar harmonies and beautiful lyrics. Put them onto your iPod for some relaxing tunes.


Belle & Sebastian

To me, the music of Belle & Sebastian is quite ‘50s. Their tunes make you want to put on a twirly skirt and dance around the house - making it particularly good music for cleaning! You won’t be able to resist tapping your toes and singing along to their sweet music.


Belle & Sebastian's melodies are laced with a whimsical charm that can lift the spirits on even the most mundane of days. Their catchy, narrative-driven indie pop songs are evocative of a simpler, more innocent time, yet they capture current themes with eloquence and ease. The band's storytelling prowess, coupled with the delicate instrumental arrangements, make for a perfect soundtrack as you bustle through your chores or simply unwind with a cup of tea. Be sure to let their harmonies transport you to a place where nostalgia and modernity dance together in delightful synchrony.



Angsty, beautiful lyrics and groovy acoustic sound make up Héloise. She sings crazy songs about Alice in Wonderland and meeting rude people at concerts, and all of this adds up to one very cool album. She has just released her EP, Birds in My Mouth, after a successfully-funded sponsorship campaign. The song to check out is ‘The Rabbit’!


Kate Miller-Heidke

A singer/songwriter from Australia, Kate Miller-Heidke has some of the most incredible vocals I have ever heard in a singer. She often verges on opera in many of her songs, but don’t let that put you off - she does it in such a quirky way that you cannot help but smile at her music. You may have heard her song ‘Caught in the Crowd,’ about a childhood bully, but if not it is well worth a listen.

I hope you enjoy having a listen to these lesser known singers, I absolutely cannot wait to hear your feedback! All of the artists listed are simply amazing and they all deserve as much recognition as possible. Who is your favourite lesser known singer? Please share!

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another amazing singer is jaymes young. his song moondust is breathtakingly beautiful :)

hobbie stuart! he's mint👌🙊

I'm not sure if he's as lesser know know since Ellie Goulding covered one of his songs, but I love Active Child. his sound is so unique and his voice has so much range. btw his original version of Hanging On is waaaaayyyy better than Ellie's :p

Pentatonix! They're not exactly lesser known but they are amazing. Definitely check them out

another great one is Laura Mvula

Amos lee- sweet pea is a way better song to start with Currently he is touring with Jack Johnson as well right now!

marina and the diamonds is a lesser known singer

Zola Jesus is my favourite! Her voice is really powerful

another great one is Hayley Reardon. She is a folk singer who actually goes to my school! she has a couple of albums out on iTunes that rock!

CHARITY VANCE!!!!! You guys should totally check her out on youtube

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