7 Songs about Holding on when Life Gets Rough ...


When life feels overwhelming, it can help to listen to songs about holding on and keeping up your strength. Music helps heal your pain by being relatable and giving you advice, even if you don’t realize it. When you listen to these songs about holding on, pay close attention to the lyrics. If you’re going through times, they could be just the thing you need to hear.

1. Move along

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Out of all of the songs about holding on to life, this one is by far the best (I may be biased since I have the lyrics tattooed onto me). It’s sung by the All American Rejects and speaks about clinging to life, even when it’s horrid. You can’t act like you’re the only person who has felt pain, because everyone has been through their own form of torture. Even when you’ve lost all hope, you have to keep going. Eventually, things will get better and it’ll all be worth your struggle.

Hold on Till May
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