7 Greatest Music Videos Inspired by Movies That You Will Love ...

The music video industry has become such a huge phenomenon nowadays, which it’s no wonder that there are so many music videos inspired by movies. Music videos have certainly come a long way since August 1st 1981, when MTV was launched. Usually, when you remember a good music video, you associate it with a certain stage in your life, with certain feelings you had in that time. A lot of the people who created some pretty amazing music videos have found inspiration in the wonderful movies that fascinated and intrigued them. I thought you might be curious and you would wanna find out what those videos might be, so that’s why, in this little article I want to present you the greatest music videos inspired by movies - videos I’m sure you will love too.

1. Thriller – Michael Jackson

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If you didn’t know this already, Thriller by Michael Jackson is one of the greatest music videos inspired by movies that has ever been made. It was an homage to “Night of the Living Dead” and “West Side Story” and you could even say that it was the first music video to be a movie itself. I believe everyone knows and loves this amazing piece of art, which has always fascinated me even since I was a little girl.

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