7 Awesome Songs to Listen to While Babysitting ...

Who says there aren't any songs to listen to while babysitting? If you’re a music fan like me, you probably want to keep some tunes playing all day long but sometimes finding the right selections can be difficult. In this day and age it’s hard to turn on the radio without hearing something obscene. While that’s fine when you’re at a club or bar with your friends, I think everyone can agree that vulgarity in music is simply inappropriate while babysitting. So when you’re heading to your local babysitting gig, give this playlist of songs to listen to while babysitting a chance, to ensure that you and your kids stay calm, collected and obedient!

1. What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong

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This is one of my favorite recommendations when it comes to songs to listen to while babysitting, because it reminds me of all the happy and positive things we have to be thankful for in this world. The thing about being a teenage babysitter is that chances are, you tend to feel pangs of angst and frustration about the world around you (I know I did when I was one!). High school is definitely no cake walk and life can sometimes get you down. But the thing is, when someone is paying you to watch their little darlings, it’s really important that you put on a happy face and refrain from taking the innocence away from them by being negative. So if you find yourself being negative and unhappy while watching those adorable children, consider adding this to your playlist of songs to listen to while babysitting.

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