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7 Songs That Need to Be on Your Halloween Playlist ...

By Kelly

When October rolls around, everything becomes Halloween themed, including your Halloween playlist. Nothing gets you more in the mood to dress up, go trick-or-treating, and scare your pants off, like these songs. They are the classics that you probably know all of the words too, but don’t listen to as often as you should. Here is my ideal Halloween playlist that is perfect to rock out to all October.

1 Monster Mash

If there is one song for your Halloween Playlist this year, it is Monster Mash. This was my favorite song when I was little because it was the definitive signal that Halloween was right around the corner. I remember dancing to this song when we celebrated in all my classes growing up. You can’t celebrate Halloween without listening to the Monster Mash.

2 I Put a Spell on You
The only thing better than the original version of “I Put A Spell On You” is the Bette Midler version from Hocus Pocus. Not only am I obsessed with this movie, but I am obsessed with this song. Bette Midler is absolutely perfect as the role of Winfred Sanderson, and she perfectly executes this song as an evil witch. But no matter what version you like best, this song is perfect for your Halloween playlist.

3 Ghostbusters

Who you gonna call…Ghostbusters! For a holiday filled with spooky ghosts, you need the Ghostbusters theme song to give Halloween a comical feel. You will have your entire party singing along as soon as you put this song on. It is an iconic song that goes with an iconic movie that is perfect to celebrate Halloween.

4 Thriller

What would any Halloween celebration be without this Michael Jackson hit. This song is such a classic and you already know all of the words. And the best part about this song, is you can dance all night to it. Don’t pretend you don’t know every move to this song.

5 Witchy Woman

Halloween is a day filled with witches and ghosts so why not add a song about witches to your Halloween playlist. This song is considered a pop song but it has a creepy element that is perfect for Halloween. It is slow and will make you flow to it, and the vocals are incredible.

6 This is Halloween

“The Nightmare Before Christmas” is one of my favorite Halloween movies and that is partially due to this song. It has creepy sound effects and even creepier voices. All of the characters from your childhood nightmares make an appearance from ghosts, to vampires, to whatever goes bump in the night.

7 Supersition

Black Cats and broken mirror can lead you to think bad things are going to happen to you. That is not the best thing to think about during Halloween, but this song covers them all and is perfect. Steve Wonder is an icon for a reason and this song is testament to that. This song is an absolute must for your Halloween playlist.

Halloween is usually a time to focus on costumes and candy, but your playlist is just as important. What did you think of these songs for your Halloween playlist? What other songs would you put on your Halloween playlist? Why is the playlist for Halloween so important?


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