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Every now and then, it’s helpful to sit down and listen to a few songs that will inspire confidence in you. Music alone can be therapeutic for the heart, mind, and more importantly, the soul. Songs in general can carry different messages, talking about everything from money and cars to love and relationships. However, music that encourages self-empowerment can sometimes be very beneficial for you. Here are seven songs that will inspire confidence in you whenever you feel unsure of yourself.

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Michael Jackson's “Bad” is surely one of the songs that will inspire confidence in you. Not only that, it will make you feel like nothing can stand in your way. Jackson has always and will forever be known for his “eargasmic" hits, but this one in particular is definitely one that makes you feel like no one can come against you - especially your foes. Sometimes you just have to remind yourself and others who is in charge of your life and destiny!



This song basically speaks of emotional defeat (particularly in relationships), but how it can teach you to be stronger and more confident as a person. Just because you fall once doesn't mean you will never get back up again. In most instances, you cannot reap a reward without going through some type of hardship. Therefore, there's always a valuable lesson to learn through all your struggles, loneliness, and confusion.



Have you ever felt doubtful about something - maybe your goals, aspirations, or even love? Well, R. Kelly's “I Believe I Can Fly” is a song about believing in yourself and all the things you set out to do in life. Having faith in the unseen or the impossible is what manifests as accomplishments in your life. When you feel at your lowest, you have to envision yourself accomplishing what your mind says you can't. This tune is definitely one of the best messages out there!



This song is specially made for those who possess very little self-esteem. A lot of us battle with self-image because we tend to define who we are based on what others say. This in return causes us to hate the person we see in the mirror each day. However, “Beautiful” reassures the listener that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. “No matter what they say,” you are perfectly and wonderfully made!



“Just Fine” is one of those feel good songs that make you forget about all of your problems. It also relays a message of appreciation for life itself. Blidge clearly wants her listeners to not let other people's views dictate how they feel about their life. Accept who you are, the good and the bad. And, most importantly, stop comparing yourself to others and be content with where you are in life. Like the song says, “I wouldn't change my life, my life's just fine!”



I absolutely love this song because it completely reminds you to speak up for yourself. When you feel like you have no voice, be confident in what you feel, despite of what others may think. You really do have a voice whether you believe it or not. There is always at least one person listening to what you have to say. Therefore, don't close yourself off to the world in fear of being disliked or persecuted, but stand up for what you believe is true.



This song is my favorite on the list because Des'ree clearly gives you the secret recipe to building confidence. She tells her listeners that it's okay to be human - to cry, be fearful, and unsure of all things. However, sometimes you have to learn how to be bold, wise, tough, strong, and calm in all situations. It's okay to feel like everything is out of control, but that's just it, nothing in life is ever in our complete control. To make it in this life we have to accept things for what they are and be confident in knowing that things will work out for the best!

Hopefully a few of these tunes will help give you more confidence, whether that's internally, in relationships with others, or while at work. So, whenever you feel down or have low self-esteem, play one of these songs and it may just pick you back up. What are some other motivating songs that you enjoy listening to?

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Two of Katy Perry's motivational songs inspire me--'Firework' and 'Roar'! There's also "Watch Me Shine" from the Legally Blonde soundtrack.

little me by little mix

What I do by Chris Webbie. It's not so much a happy song as it is a reassuring song.

Look at the song Bo$$ by fifth harmony it's a wired song but when it's over it's like ur really happy and motivated..idk.

"You gotta be" definitely is a song that makes you feel good! I love it!

Hall of fame -travie mccoy (:

fucking perfect - p!nk

I'm not afraid by Emminem.Love it.

Typical by Lisa Sommers . From the movie teen spirit.

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