11 Most Inspirational Rock Songs Ever ...

We all need a pick-me-up sometimes, and these inspirational rock songs are the perfect remedy for a bad day. Pop and gospel are usually the go-to genres for inspiring songs, but I've always preferred rock myself. You don't have to love rock to appreciate inspirational rock songs. While thousands exist, these are just a few to get you started to feeling better and happier, no matter what life throws at you.

1. If Everyone Cared - Nickelback

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While Nickelback is well known for innuendos, this poignant tune poses the question of how different the world would be if everyone cared. It makes you think about the world around you and how a simple change can then change the world. For me, it inspires me to think more positively and treat others better. It may be more of a ballad, but it's one of the most inspirational rock songs.

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