9 Intriguing Music Video Concepts That You Will Be Amazed by ...

Many artists opt to go for the shock factor when it comes to their music video concepts. This last decade has given birth to a certain type of creativity redolent of musicians past. As an English major, I never could resist an intriguing story, leading me to watch interesting and heartfelt music videos repetitiously. These music video concepts from the 2000s managed to keep the audience seated due to their decidedly intricate nature.

1. Eminem – "the Real Slim Shady" (2000)

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Eminem is known for having interesting music video concepts, leading his video for hit single β€œThe Real Slim Shady” to start off this list. Featured in it are countless images that manage to be both shocking and hilarious. Eminem is no stranger to brow-raising moments!

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