7 Best Songs to Keep You Calm on an Airplane ...


7 Best Songs to Keep You Calm on an Airplane ...
7 Best Songs to Keep You Calm on an Airplane ...

Not everyone can keep it together when you are 30,000 feet up in the air, so here is a carefully compiled list of some relaxing and fun songs to keep you calm. Whether you choose to fly during the warmth of summer, or the dead of winter, I don’t think there is anything about an airplane that makes it inviting. Sometimes there are crying babies, bad food, and terrible movies. At other times the flight attendants are friendly and you are with your family, which is comforting. But when you are at a loss of what to do to tolerate your long flight, don’t hesitate to stick to this relaxing playlist of songs to keep you calm!

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Don’t Know Why by Norah Jones

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This is definitely one of the best songs to keep you calm. I used to babysit in high school and I loved singing this song to the children I was babysitting to get them to fall asleep. I really couldn’t think of anything more soothing, aside from lullabies. The year Norah Jones’s first album came out she absolutely swept the Grammy’s, winning the majority of major awards, and rightfully so! This jazz, blues, country, and pop musician has the soothing voice of an angel and musical talent that stems from the likes of Ravi Shankar. In case you didn’t know that’s her father! And if you don’t know who Ravi Shankar is, well he is the famed sitar player who toured with the Beatles throughout the '70s, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Norah Jones’s and Ravi Shankar’s talents. Feel free to check out all of Norah Jones’s albums; each is different but I find her first Grammy-winning album to be the most soothing when it comes to songs to keep you calm.


It Had to Be You by Rod Stewart

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Although this is a new take on a very old song, I think it’s a great addition to this list of songs to keep you calm. Who knew Rod Stewart, the crazy-haired rock legend, could sing jazz? His voice bellows on this album of old-time classics, and since the success of this album he has produced several jazz inspired cover albums, each worth listening to. I also like this song when I’m having a hard time falling asleep, and let’s face it, when you’re on a long airplane trip, sometimes the best thing to do is to try to just get to sleep. So plug in your headphones, and let Rod Stewart serenade you into dreamland!


We Can Work It out by Stevie Wonder

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If, after the first two songs, you are just too anxious and worked up to get to sleep, consider listening to some uplifting, positive songs to keep you calm like this one. This is Stevie Wonder’s take on the Beatles' original hit, but I honestly like this song a lot better than the Beatles version, although everyone has their own taste. Nevertheless, sometimes the best thing to do when you’re freaking out and feeling anxious on an airplane is to just concentrate on other things and get your mind off the anxiety. The beats and rhythms on this track are so amazing to me, I cannot see anyone listening to this song and not cracking at least a tiny smirk.


Beautiful Day by U2

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With the lyrics, “it’s a beautiful day, don’t let it slip away,” how can you feel sad? Even though I like listening to this song when I need some cheering up, it’s also one of my recommendations for songs to keep you calm. This Dublin based powerhouse band has certainly made a name for themselves in the music industry. And when you are looking for songs to keep you calm, sometimes Bono’s amazing voice is all you need.


Ordinary People by John Legend

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Oh that soul! John Legend has gone from a relatively unknown artist in the past 5 to 10 years, to a Grammy-winning household name. I heard this song in an elevator on the way to a promising interview once, and my entire body and mind just drifted away into serenity. Not only is this is a song about falling in love and struggle, it’s a song about hope and never giving up. Distracting songs to keep you calm are definitely the best kinds to listen to on an airplane. So take a deep breath and listen to John Legend tell you this romantic story of lust and life; you may even completely forget where you are.


Morning Song by Jewel

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I think all of Jewel’s songs on this album can be classified as ideal songs to keep you calm. This song in particular is also one about falling in love. But unlike Ordinary People, it’s told from a women’s perspective with a speck of naivety. The lyrics are so calming and relaxing, and it’s also fairly easy to follow Jewel’s storytelling. I also think it’s a good song when you are trying to fall asleep or at least just think of something else other than where you are. Airplanes can be really loud and uncomfortable, but even if there is some turbulence, I like to think Morning Song will be your own personal saving grace.


Rockin’ the Suburbs by Ben Folds

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Here’s my motto sometimes: when in doubt, just rock out! Ben Folds has a bunch of songs to keep you calm, but the lyrics in this one will probably make you laugh and smile so much you’ll eventually feel calm enough to finally relax on your flight. His musical talents encompass a wide range of several different types of musical styles and although he’s actually been making music for a while now, some people still don’t really know who he is. Indie rock artists don’t get enough credit in the industry sometimes, so maybe consider giving something like this a listen when you have all that time on an airplane. Who knows, maybe you’ll be totally fascinated by the rhymes and you’ll listen to his entire album all the way through.

I know many people will be traveling this summer and looking for ways to keep calm. Do you have you own method of keeping calm on an airplane? Has listening to music ever helped you? Are there any songs out there that you think should be included on this list? Feel free to share your thoughts!

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Taylor swifts enchanted, never grow up and paramores only exeption..... I like love songs <3

There's tons more songs capable of making one keep calm.

imagine by John Lennon

Beatles are better

Beatles way better

Thank you this will help me a lot :)

B.O.B ft. Hayley "Airplanes"

During take off I would love to listen to The Carpenters' 'Top of the World'.

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