7 Awesome Country Songs for the Summer That You Must Add to Your Playlist ...


7 Awesome Country Songs for the Summer That You Must Add to Your Playlist ...
7 Awesome Country Songs for the Summer That You Must Add to Your Playlist ...

There are a lot of awesome country songs out there, but here are some country songs for the summer that you must add to your playlist. When I think of summer, I think of good weather, tanned legs, outdoor concerts, beers, hanging out with friends, and listening to a couple of good tunes. These seven country songs are a combination of all of those things. To me, these songs just scream summer – they go perfectly with the sound of cicadas and crickets. So if you’re looking for a good tune to play at an outdoor BBQ, road trip, or pool party, then consider these seven awesome country songs for the summer.

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Cruise by Florida Georgia Line

On iTunes at: itunes.apple.com
This has to be my favourite tune out of all the country songs for the summer that are listed here. Like the lyrics suggest, Cruise makes me want to roll my windows down and crank this tune while I drive. This song is perfect if you’re headed out for a summer road trip with some friends. It talks about Chevys, back roads, blowing stop signs, and, of course, cruising with beautiful ladies. If you’re looking for a feel-good, carefree country song to remind you of summer, Cruise would be the one to go for.


Island Song by Zac Brown Band

On iTunes at: itunes.apple.com
Island Song is a tune that has a reggae feeling to it, while still remaining country. Keeping with its reggae theme, the song talks about beers, music, Tiki bars, bonfires, and partying like a Jamaican. It’s the sort of song which paints you a story, and lets you envisage and engage in the scenario. For example, this song lets me escape to a tropical beach, where the breeze is flowing through my hair, and the waves are lapping at my feet. Island Song is a happy-go-lucky tune which is very relaxing, making it perfect to play for a summer weekend.


Pontoon by Little Big Town

On iTunes at: itunes.apple.com
Little Big Town has captured the essence of a perfect summer’s day with this tune. This song is, literally, about floating on a pontoon. The lyrics suggest that if you can’t beat the summer heat, then just grab a couple beers and take a ride on a pontoon. There, you will jump off the back to swim and catch some rays on the roof. This tune is perfect if you’re having a pool party or lounging on the deck at the cottage.


Parking Lot Party by Lee Brice

On iTunes at: itunes.apple.com
Parking Lot Party is about having a pre-party, and after-party of a concert, in a parking lot. How great is that? This song has a total summer feel to it, with lyrics about sound-checks, soaking up suds, and pretty girls kicking back in lawn chairs. It’s all about taking it easy and having some fun in the parking lot before, and after, a show with this song. So the next time you’re headed out to a concert, remember to download this tune.


Boys ‘round Here by Blake Shelton

On iTunes at: itunes.apple.com
Drinking ice cold beer, talking about girls and trucks, and running out red dirt roads is what this country song is all about. And what more could you ask for? This song is perfect for summer because it embodies everything that reminds me of the season. It’s all about keeping cool while mucking around and having a good time. Not only does this song have awesome lyrics, but it’s also really catchy. So don’t hesitate to download this song to your summer playlist.


Southern Girl by Tim McGraw

On iTunes at: itunes.apple.com
Come on now, I hope you didn’t think I would leave out Tim McGraw. A good summer playlist wouldn’t be complete without a song from this country singer. And while McGraw has a lot of tunes that remind me of summer, I think Southern Girl is a really good one to have for this particular playlist. Not only is it popular on the radio right now, but it also has a universal meaning. McGraw sings that there’s nothing like a Southern girl: with a little hay in her hair, wearing cut-off jeans, and kisses that taste sweeter than Tupelo honey. It’s all about giving appreciation to the down-to-earth Southern girl with this song.


Beat This Summer by Brad Paisley

On iTunes at: itunes.apple.com
Last, but certainly not least, is the song Beat This Summer by Brad Paisley. This song is all about how you should enjoy summer as much as you can because, unfortunately, the season always ends eventually. So as the lyrics suggest, always make the most of what you have left of the summer. Take it all in stride and enjoy every minute of it because it’ll be over before you know it. Summer is my favourite season, so I know I’ll be making the most of it. Make sure to add this country song to complete your summer playlist.

These are just a few country songs for the summer that you should add to your playlist. They are perfect tunes for soaking up the sun at the beach, and summer nights with bonfires. In the months to come when it gets colder, you can listen to this playlist and think back to the great summer you had, and make plans for an even better one next year. What country songs remind you of summer? Which song is your favourite from this list?

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It was good. Up til boys round here. Then I stopped reading

One way ticket by Carrie Underwood

believe it or not i am actually listening to parking lot party (: lol

Love every single one of these!!:)

Parking lot party and boys round here are really bad song choices. The rest are good though.

Florida Georgia line isn't good bought their cd it every song sounds the same that's was a waste of 6 dollars

Surprised you haven't mentioned any rascal flatts songs! But good choice :)

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