7 Inspirational Rap Songs to Listen to when You're Feeling down ...


When I’m feeling down, I’m usually at a loss of what to do with myself, and for many years the last thing I would think to do was to listen to inspirational rap songs. However, as I grew up and made my way out into the world, I met a variety of friends who also introduced me to a variety of music genres, one of them being rap. As time went on, I looked to multiple rap artists for inspiration and uplifting during my worst depressions. This brings me to my recommended list of inspirational rap songs for my beloved readers. They are handpicked for the people out there who may not be having the best day.

1. Good Day by Nappy Roots


Okay, granted, all my rap music mavens out there might not consider this to be a true blue rap song, but there are several rap verses in it and some great mixed beats. The title in itself nearly requires me to include this on my list of inspirational rap songs. So give it a chance, and maybe you too will become a Nappy Roots fan (don’t you just love that name!). I know when I’m listening to this song, I always have a huge smile on my face no matter how badly my day is going, so chin up, ladies! It’s going to be a good day.

Keep Ya Head up by Tupac
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