7 Songs to Play at Your Next Birthday Party ...


7 Songs to Play at Your Next Birthday Party ...
7 Songs to Play at Your Next Birthday Party ...

Finding songs for your birthday party can be really tough depending on how and where you choose to celebrate. If you plan on being the DJ for the evening or at least giving the people in charge a list of songs you want to hear, this compilation can help send you and your party guests in the right direction. Dancing and having a good time should really be a part of any birthday celebration, so consider playing these fun-loving songs at your next extravaganza and I can almost guarantee an awesome night. And now for opening Pandora’s box to a list of spectacular songs for your birthday party!

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In Da Club by 50 Cent


You may not be the biggest fan of rap music but this is a surefire classic for any birthday party. However, most young adults choose to rock out their 21st birthdays at clubs and bars. So if this sounds like you, I would definitely recommend adding this classic birthday ballad to your playlist of songs for your birthday party. You simply cannot go wrong and the lyrics promote happiness and good vibes, which is what you want on your big day anyway.


Party in the U.S.a. by Miley Cyrus


I recently posted a list of songs to play at your 4th of July barbecue and many people said that this song should have been included. While I agree with them, I also think this one deserves a place on my list of songs for your birthday party because of its incredibly catchy lyrics and upbeat tone. Miley Cyrus has gone through a few ups and downs since the days of Hannah Montana, but nevertheless, this chart topper is a great addition to any party and is sure to make your guests want to get out of their seats and party in the U.S.A.!


Say Aah by Trey Songz Ft. Fabulous


Believe it or not, I think I have heard this song played at every birthday party I have attended (including my own!) since it came out. Therefore I simply had to include it on my list of songs for your birthday party because of its overwhelming popularity and amazing beats. Again, maybe hip-hop isn’t your thing, but most people can agree that this song promotes having a fun-filled night and leaving the stressors of everyday life aside. So don’t hesitate to play this one, you may be surprised at who breaks out in both dance and song.


Dancing in the Moonlight by King Harvest


I know I said 50 cent is a must-have classic, but when I use the word "classic," I usually mean songs like this one. Although I wouldn’t necessarily play King Harvest at a club, I would play it at a barbecue or family gathering-especially ones with small children. It still makes me want to get up, dance and have a good time, but maybe not in the same company as a club mix. It deserves a place among this list of songs for your birthday party because it has been played at birthday parties for years without any sour faces! Sometimes people even use this one as their wedding song because of how jubilant and happy its lyrics are.


Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO


I think even as the years progress and this song becomes somewhat outdated, I will still persuade DJs to play this as song over and over again. And you can be sure I absolutely recommend it as one of the songs for your birthday party! Just look at the title, “Party Rock Anthem”! C’mon, you know there’s no way this can be a bad song and it’s no wonder it was on the top 40 charts consistently for weeks. It could be considered a grown up song with its references to drinking and wild partying, but I think the clean version has a great beat and would be just as appropriate for a bar mitzvah or pre-teen party if censored.


Raise Your Glass by P!nk


Something that pleasantly accompanies many birthday celebrations is the coveted toast. Toast to life, toast to happiness, love, a healthy and prosperous future- whatever the case may be. This song by P!nk is the ultimate toast song to add to your list of songs for your birthday party. Moreover, this toast is actually a toast to all the misfits in the world, and I know I have had my misfit days. Even if your birthday is going terrifically, you should take a moment to toast to all the days you survived and flourished until today: your birthday. Overall, each and every one of us has many things to be thankful for, so feel free to raise your glass on your birthday to hope for many more years of jubilance and prosperity.


Party like a Rockstar by Shop Boyz


Who doesn’t want to party like a rockstar!? I know every time I go out, regardless of if I’m celebrating a birthday or not, I want to hear this song and dance all night to it! It is sort of on the hip-hop and rap side of music, but the fun lyrics of this song make me unconditionally love its controversial genre nonetheless. Even if you have never felt like a rockstar in your entire life, this song will nearly convince you to party like one, and so it rightfully deserves a place on this joyful list of songs for your birthday party!

Which songs do you like to hear at your birthday parties? Do you have one specific song you play every year? Are there any songs that I missed that you think belong on this list? Please share your thoughts!

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What if you listen to metal.. Aha!

@ cover photo...

I list always consists of justin timberlake

who plans their own birthday parties?

Mirrors by JT, we can't stop by Miley Cyrus, come and get it by Selena Gomez, I gotta feeling by the Black Eyed peas, and all of the one direction songs and covers

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