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There are some amazing heavy metal songs that can get you pumped during your next workout. Heavy metal is by far my favorite type of music, and even if it isn’t yours, you can still have a fun workout listening to it. Not all metal music sounds scary and dark like you may think. It can actually have positive lyrics that will get you excited for your workout. Here are some of those amazing heavy metal songs that will lift you up and not bring you down!

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Of Wolf and Man by Metallica

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I had to include a Metallica song as they are (dare I say) the greatest heavy metal band of all time. I don’t say this just because I know the lyrics to almost every Metallica song, either. There are actually some amazing heavy metal songs out there, but Of Wolf and Man wins in my book. It is so energizing and the guitar is outstanding (thank you, Kirk Hammett!). It will surely have you keeping on with your workout without wanting this song to end.


Take My Bones Away by Baroness

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This song by Baroness constantly gets stuck in my head. If you don’t mind that, or if you are now intrigued enough to go check it out, go to iTunes right now. Baroness is a heavy metal or sometimes sludge metal band. Take My Bones Away is from their Yellow album, and its steady beat will keep you going on your workout. The guitar on this is also amazing and will get you through those tough times in your workout when you want to give up.


I’m Made of Wax, Larry, What Are You Made of? by a Day to Remember

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A Day to Remember is a great band, mostly because they are accessible to all people. Their actual genre is metalcore and rock, but they also have some emo elements infused. This song is my favorite by them, and it does contain a good amount of screaming (the good kind, I promise!). There is everything you would ever want in a song in this one: rocking out guitar sessions, intense screaming, and great singing. The beat is so fast-paced that it will make you want to work out harder and faster, at least that’s what I find happening!


Down with the Sickness by Disturbed

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There is an amazing guitar riff at the start of this song that will have you pausing in your workout to do some head banging. That may not be a good thing per se, but once you get back into your workout, you will be trapped by this song's constant beat. A little bit of screaming is included throughout, which is a nice touch. The chorus also makes you want to dig deeper into your workout and keep pushing on. Disturbed is a heavy metal and rock band, and this song is from their album The Sickness.


Shadow Moses by Bring Me the Horizon

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The start of this song seems a little mellow, but then it goes full blown metal and screaming after the first verse or so. If you appreciate good guitar, you will love this song as well. It also blends nicely with the singing, drums, and screaming. This song will have you picking up your pace and intensity for sure. I find it helps me put my ‘tough face’ on so that I can tear through my workouts. Bring Me the Horizon is a metalcore or death metal band.


Bat Country by Avenged Sevenfold

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Avenged Sevenfold is a metal and rock band, and they are another favorite of mine. This song by them is amazing! It has the absolute best guitar solos in it, which will surely make you get in the workout zone. There is no soft start for this song, it just gets going with a fast pace, so I wouldn’t recommend it for a warm-up! You can throw this song on mid-workout though, to help you push through until the end, and it would be perfect.


Doc Holliday by Volbeat

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Even if you are a heavy metal enthusiast, you may not have heard of Volbeat. They are a fairly new metal band, releasing their first album within the past ten years. Volbeat recently got a new guitar player who used to play for Anthrax. The album Outlaw Gentlemen & Shady Ladies actually just came out in April, and this new guitarist played on it, which means this is an intense album. Back to this song – it has an outstanding intro that will definitely have you rocking out. Maybe it’s just the girl in me talking, but the guitar riffs make me want to cry because they are so good. It is sure to get you moving through your workout with ease!

Hopefully you will find these songs as helpful to your workouts as I find them. I don’t always listen to music when working out, but sometimes they are great motivation. There is just something about heavy metal songs that get me pumped for working out, and they can for you too, now that you have some suggestions. What is your favorite music to listen to when working out?

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Vampire love- by pentagram. Everyone should listen to this.

Bring me the horizon is the best

a day to remember , bring me the horizon omgg

I would most likely listen to Amon Amarth or if i like it subtle, Judas Priest.

Volbeat is one of my fav bands. Glad to see them on here :)

Love bring me the horizon....of mice and men is really good too

Don't forget 5FDP- Under & Over it or Lift Me Up are good ones to workout to

Bring me the Horizon is amazing! I also love working out to Asking Alexandria, especially their remix album

I'm thinking led zeppelin, the stones, 90's grunge artist first to come to mind is Bush and I'm feeling AWOLNATION's megalithic symphony

A Day To Remember are the best<3

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