21 Super Cool Hipster Music Videos That'll Brighten Your Day ...


21 Super Cool Hipster Music Videos That'll Brighten Your Day ...
21 Super Cool Hipster Music Videos That'll Brighten Your Day ...

I love this list of hipster music videos! The definition of a hipster is a person who follows the latest trends and fashions. Often hipsters can seem aloof and quirky, at least that's what my acting coach told me once. I've been called a hipster in my lifetime, though I have never gone out of my way to try to be cool. I just like things that are unique and well… cool too. What do you think of this list of hipster music videos?

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Santigold - Girls

No list of hipster music videos would be complete without Santigold. Every molecule of Santigold screams creative artist. I love this girl and her style. This girl power anthem makes me happy too because it captures women from all walks of life.


CSS - Move

I first heard this group sing the words, "music is my boyfriend" in my ears one day on Pandora and fell in love with them from that day forward. These kids are so funky and fun.


Metronomy - Everything Goes My Way

Okay, Metronomy is on my favorite list of bands right now and probably for all time. I discovered them last year when they opened for Coldplay at the Hollywood Bowl. They rocked it! This video has a deer in it and an interesting love story.


The Pack - Vans

I used to hear this song on the radio and loved the way they delivered their lines. It's a fun song and the video makes me want to dance. I love how it captures a slice of Bay area life.


Princess Chelsea - the Duet

Everything about this is hipsterish; the pink wig, the non-expressive faces, even the title of the song. It's so weird that it's awesome. I wonder if they shot it in her backyard?


Sam Sparro - 21st Century Life

The colors, the style, the lyrics… this guy has so much flair. I love to work out to Sam Sparro. He's unique and his voice is so different.


Sterling Victorian - Sweet Dude

Sterling is quite the hottie and super talented. I personally am rooting for her to have mainstream success, though hipsters typically don't care about being mainstream.


The Bird and the Bee - Again & Again

This group is so weird to me. I love how retro they are in this video. I've heard a few of their songs and have liked all of them. Maybe it's time to buy the album?


Yelle - a Cause Des Garcons

Honestly when I'm alone I turn this song up and try to dance along. Yelle is my favorite French pop artist and this is my favorite remix. Check out their pumped up kicks and mullets!


Foster the People - Pumped up Kicks

Speaking of pumped up kicks, this video is awesome. There's not much more to say about it.


Buraka Som Sistema - Yah!

I love listening to foreign music, don't you? Buraka Som Sistema is an electronic dance music group from Portugal.


Quadron - Slippin

This girl can sing! Quadron is a Danish duo and is considered electronic soul. Who knew that was a genre?


The Black Keys - Lonely Boy

I'm sure you have heard this song by now. If not, watch the video, and listen to it now.


Lykke Li - Little Bit

When this video came out I instantly fell for Lykke Li. She's so talented and creative. What's your favorite Lykke Li song?


La Roux - Bulletproof

Everything about La Roux is cool from her amazing hair to her androgynous style. This song was my anthem for a while when I broke up with a boyfriend and decided I wanted more out of life.


The White Stripes - We're Going to Be Friends

They are awesome. That is all.


Tune-Yards - Gangsta

Last year I walked down the runway to this song and found it hard not to bob my head to the beat. The video is incredibly hipsterish.


LCD Soundsystem - North American Scum

This song is loads of fun. I think I heard it on KCRW first, a station known in LA for breaking the newest and coolest music.


Peter Bjorn and John - Young Folks

This song makes me happy and so does the video. It's been sampled a few times but I prefer this original version.


The Donnas - Who Invited You?

When I was younger I loved The Donnas because secretly I wanted to be a rock star. If you listen to the words of this song it's clear that they think they are pretty cool.


Elastica - Connection

Have you heard of this group before? If so we have to be friends immediately. Elastica appeared for a moment in the 90s and disappeared quickly afterward.

Which was your fav video on the list? What would you add or take away? I'd love to hear ladies!

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