7 Amazing Breakup Songs That Know Just How You Feel ...


7 Amazing Breakup Songs That Know Just How You Feel ...
7 Amazing Breakup Songs That Know Just How You Feel ...

Amazing breakup songs have a way of saying exactly what we are feeling. These songs on this list have helped me get through all of my breakups. Sometimes just singing along can make you feel better. If you are going through a hard breakup, you need to listen to these amazing breakup songs!

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All Hail the Heartbreaker – the Spill Canvas


The Spill Canvas has a huge repertoire of amazing breakup songs, but none of them evoke the emotions of a bad break up more than All Hail the Heartbreaker. As the name would suggest, the song is about feeling like you have nothing left after giving everything to the person who broke your heart. The first part of the song sounds rather upbeat and happy and talks about the feelings you have when you first fall in love. As the song progresses, the lyrics and music become slower and sadder. The song also addresses some of the behaviors we do after a bad breakup: “So tonight I’ll sit and pick apart your pictures and overanalyze your words.” Honestly, who HASN’T done that?! All Hail the Heartbreaker also has my favorite breakup line, “What if I ripped your heart apart at the seams. Maybe then you’d know how I feel.”


Konstantine – Something Corporate


Konstantine isn’t just one of my favorite breakup songs, it’s also one of my favorite songs of all time. The lyrics deal with many hard situations we go through as young adults. Something Corporate’s vocalist, Andrew McMahon, wrote the song about a breakup he went through with his girlfriend Krystal. The story goes that one night Andrew got drunk at a party and ended up cheating on Krystal. She wanted to leave him, but just couldn’t. The song deals with trying to repair their relationship after the incident and the eventual breakup. There are a lot of personal references in the song, which is what makes it so special. The line, “It’s to Jimmy Eat World and those nights in my car, but this time I’m alone and I don’t see those stars. I’m not your star, isn’t that what you said? What you thought this song meant?” is a direct reference to Jimmy Eat World’s song For Me This is Heaven. If you don’t already know that song, give it a listen too. It’s another great breakup song!


Fooled Me Again – Lady Gaga

Fooled Me Again is an unreleased song by Lady Gaga. Out of all of Gaga’s songs, Fooled Me Again is the best breakup song. This song is perfect to listen to if you were lied to in your last relationship. The lyric, “You fooled me again with your honest eyes,” is about trusting someone against your better judgment. I love to belt out this song whenever I’m feeling burned by any relationship, romantic or not.


Goodbye to You – Michelle Branch


Goodbye to You is the perfect song to listen to after a breakup if you were the one who called it off. Ending a relationship can be just as hard as being on the receiving end. The lyrics in Goodbye to You address being strong and ending a bad relationship even though you don’t necessarily want it to end. Are you in a bad relationship that you are having trouble getting out of? If so, listen to this song and maybe it will give you the confidence to go ahead and go through with it. The most powerful breakup line in the song is, “I want you, but I’m not giving in this time.”


All I Ever Wanted – Basshunter


Basshunter is a Swedish singer-songwriter, producer, and DJ. All of his songs are electronica dance music, including All I Ever Wanted. While you wouldn’t normally think of dance music as being an amazing break up song, the simple lyrics of the song sum up the feelings of wanting to be with your ex. “All I ever wanted was to see you smiling, all I ever wanted was to make you mine. I know that I love you, oh baby why don’t you see that all I ever wanted was you and me.”


Harder than You Know – Escape the Fate


Have you ever tried to get over someone but they won’t quit talking to you? If that’s what you’re going through, then Harder Than You Know is the perfect song to listen to. It’s about trying to get over someone when they keep popping up in your life. “Baby don’t talk to me, I’m trying to let go. Not loving you is harder than you know.” I think we have all felt this way the first time an ex tries to contact us after the breakup.


The Alamo is No Place for Dancing – the Scene Aesthetic


The Alamo Is No Place for Dancing is about being in a relationship and looking for any reason to stay and finding nothing. It’s about the desperate, hopeless feeling you get at the end of a relationship. Sometimes we fall in love with the lies someone has created about themselves and when we discover the truth, we end up not liking what we see. This is encompassed in the lyric, “Fought so hard for a girl that I loved but later turned out to be someone I hardly knew.”

Breakups aren’t easy, but these amazing breakup songs may just be what you need to hear right now. Do you have a go to breakup song after a bad relationship? If so, tell us what it is in the comments section!

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Ahhh my favourite song of all time. Konstantine.

It's been debated whether this is a breakup song but tool's schism seems to know just how I feel in this breakup. Also a bunch of songs by fleetwood Mac

Tear drops on my guitar by Taylor Swift should be on there!!!

"Are you happier now" by Laura Shay. This song is about loving someone and having to let him go. He's moved on however the question still remains... Are you happier now? It's heart wrenching.

Breakeven by adele!

This is so amazing)))!!))

Wheres Adele??????

Jar of hearts<3

Gone forever - three days grace !

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