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There are so many amazing acoustic performances by Phillip Phillips. The American Idol winner has been very successful with his music, which makes me very happy! His new album, 'Behind the Light,' was just recently released and everything on there is amazing. Of course, that doesn't mean we can't jam out to his old stuff anymore! Check out some of my favorite acoustic performances by Phillip Phillips.

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This is the song that made us all fall in love with him. It even became the unofficial anthem of the 2012 Olympics! The song was everywhere and people couldn't get enough of it. I saw him perform it live at the American Idol tour and it was, as expected, amazing. I love when he performs it acoustically because he gets so lost in the music and it's a real treat to watch that. This is just one of many awesome acoustic performances by Phillip Phillips!


"gone, Gone, Gone"

Here's another one of my favorite songs. I think the lyrics are so beautiful and every performance he does of it is so heartfelt. I went through many acoustic performances of this song but I think this one at the AOL studios was my favorite! Even when he's just sitting on a stool by himself, he still manages to get lost in the music. I think it shows true musicianship.


"Where We Came from"

"Where We Came From" was one of my favorites off his debut album. I love this performance because it's in front of a crowd. I love seeing how comfortable he is up there on stage - it just shows that this is what he's meant to be doing. The lyrics in this song, like all his other songs, are great, and a testament to his writing skills. P.S. how awesome is that guitar solo at the end?!


"man on the Moon"

Watching this performance makes me wish I was that great at guitar. Personally, I commend anyone who can play and sing at the same time - am I the only who would be insanely distracted by one or the other?! Phillip does a phenomenal job at both and it looks so effortless for him. I guess when you have it, you have it, right? I love this song and performance!


"hold on"

How does Phillip manage to sound better than all of his studio versions? I love when that's the case with an artist - it makes me appreciate their talent so much more. Also, I can't get enough of that little "leg dance" Phillip does while performing this song. LOL! It's his signature move and it just works.


"raging Fire"

Phillip's new single, "Raging Fire," premiered to an overwhelmingly positive response from fans. It's starting to get radio play and every time it does, I can't help but blast it while I drive. It's such a catchy song! It's available on his new album, 'Behind the Light,' which was recently released. If you haven't already heard/bought the album, I highly suggest that you do!


"a Fool's Dance"

Another amazing AOL session performance is this one of 'A Fool's Dance.' While watching the performance, you can tell that Phillip's in his own zone. His vocals sound great in this song.

Well, there you have it. These are just seven out of many awesome acoustic performances by Phillip Phillips. He's undoubtedly my favorite American Idol winner. Everything he does is great! Which performance was your favorite?

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love 'hold on' it's beautiful, Phillip puts on a great show

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