15 Great Songs to Dedicate to Your Best Friend ...

Who knew there were so many fantastic songs to dedicate to your best friend? This was definitely one of my favorite articles to write because as I was writing, I was sending the songs to my BFF! They're all just really feel-good songs that sum up your whole friendship. Check out some of my favorites and let me know which of the songs to dedicate to your best friend is your favorite!

1. "we're Going to Be Friends"

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This song will take you back to that first day that you met your bestie. We all had that moment where we said "I can tell that we're gong to be friends". It's one of the best moments to meet someone who shares the same interests/passions as you! I remember the first time I hung out with my best friend, we just went on and on about our love for music. That's when I knew "we're going to be friends." This is just one of the great songs to dedicate to your best friend!

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