7 Unexpectedly Addictive Songs That May Get Stuck in Your Head This Spring ...


I have compiled the 7 unexpectedly addictive songs you may get stuck in your head this spring, because I don’t just think you may get them stuck in your head, I think they’re already there. You’ve been rocking out to some of these favorites for a few weeks now, and they’re not going away any time soon. See if some of the 7 unexpectedly addictive songs you may get stuck in your head this spring are dancing in your head. Spoiler alert: they are.

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The Man - Aloe Blacc

You’ve been rocking out to one of the most addictive songs by Aloe Blacc for months and just didn’t know it. It’s true, NPR did a thing on it! You know that song "Wake Me Up," the one your car tells you is by Avicii? Well he may have done a version, but the best one is beautifully sung by Aloe Blacc. And his song "The Man" is just as amazing, with a totally positive (like the overall vibe of his music) message that makes you feel good about singing along. "I’m the man, I’m the man, I’m the man. Yes I am, yes I am, yes I am." Try getting that out of your head.


Timber - Ke$ha and Pitbull

"You know it’s goin’ down, I’m yellin' timber. You better move, you better dance." This song just MAKES you want to dance. Trust me - it does. Plus it’s really nice to see Pitbull doing original music without using beats from from older hits. See, we knew you could do it. Plus even with all her craziness (glad to see you’re taking care of you, bb), Ke$ha does know how to make a dance floor JAM. And just because it’s me, I’m going to give points for the country vibe.


Burn - Ellie Goulding

I have LOVED Ellie Goulding for awhile now. And admit it, you have too. Why "Anything Could Happen" never made it on the main radio waves still shocks me, but "Burn" is a super catchy jam for any mood. I once read an article that stated Ellie Goulding is that cool girl you always feel the need to invite to the party. And I agree. You do too (don’t be afraid to admit it).


Let It Go - Idina Menzel

All John Travolta jokes aside, this song will be a hit for years to come. And I don’t think it’s just because it’s a Disney song. Even people who haven’t seen the movie have it stuck in their heads. Plus it’s topped the Billboard charts for weeks. Don’t you just LOVE when someone who can actually sing without auto-tune gets rewarded for their hit? Life is sweet, kittens, very sweet.


Best Day of My Life - American Authors

I think this was on a Lowe's or Home Depot commercial recently. This seems to be a trend lately (which is great for musicians). It’s catchy, and I can totally see it transcending into summer. You know, the time of year when you truly have the best days of your life. You can’t help but smile and image the sunshine beating on your face. Try to imagine rain clouds - I dare ya.


Team - Lorde

I like that she’s made it past the one hit wonder mark. And this one is just as good at the first. It’s hauntingly catchy like "Royals," and just as defiant. I LOVE the line, "I’m kinda over being told to put my hands up in the air... so there." Something about it. I like that she’s an original on the mainstream radio. Now how many months do you think it will take for all the other wannabes to catch on and copy her?


Happy - Pharrell

Who knew Smokey the Bear could sing? I kid. But really, I LOVE hearing Pharrell on the radio, because I love his voice. And also because it reminds me of rocking out to him in middle school when we all thought we were cool, "cause we listen to Pharrell." Ah, the life of us Wonderbread children from the farm (fact: I did grow up and do years K-8 in a tiny farm town, this all changed in high school). But I am happy, I do feel like clapping my hands, and I will always be rocking out to Pharrell - so there.

So there you have it, kittens, 7 songs you most likely have had stuck in your heads for the past few months, which will not be leaving their residency any time soon. So embrace it, rock out to Ke$ha (I won’t tell). What do you think of the songs I have listed, any you’d like to add?

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I like Demi Lovato but I don't like her version of Let it Go. But seriously Frozen is so popular with everyone. People at my high school are singing the soundtrack and the kindergarteners at my work are singing them also. Such a great movie

Let it Go - Demi Lovato Single Version❄️

Don't know if these are addictive but they get played over and over...I like Happy though! :)

Didn't care for Happy at first, but it grew on me and is definitely a near worm now! Same with Lorde's songs.

These songs have all been overplayed. Getting bored of them.

If u like team listen to tennis court and glory and gore too.. Great songs :)

"Atlantis" by Ellie Goulding is stuck in my head 😊

Oh Lorde! Love her!

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