9 Swoon-Worthy Love Tunes to Put on Your Playlist ...


9 Swoon-Worthy Love Tunes to Put on Your Playlist ...
9 Swoon-Worthy Love Tunes to Put on Your Playlist ...

These love songs for your playlist are guaranteed to lift your spirits whenever you are feeling dejected. The feeling of being in love is something that everyone can relate to. To be human is to experience loss, something that connects all of us together. Keeping this idea in mind, I firmly believe that you will not regret reserving time to listen to these love songs for your playlist!

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The Lumineers – Dead Sea

On iTunes: itunes.apple.com

At first glance, the title of this song by The Lumineers does not seem to bear any connection to love. However, upon listening further to the lyrics (as well as looking up the story behind its creation), I found myself falling in love with this song. “You told me I was like the Dead Sea. You'll never sink when you are with me […] Honey can't you see? I was born to be, be your dead sea.” Comparing her lover to an unrelenting sea, the message behind this song is sure to resonate with you.


Mumford & Sons – I Will Wait

On iTunes: itunes.apple.com

Making mistakes is embedded into the very core of the human psyche, a fact that makes the message behind this song so relatable. No matter how long it takes, the speaker is saying that he will wait forever. This image of having someone care enough to wait for forgiveness and love is one that will never leave me! It doesn't help that I like to pretend that this song is about the love of Doctor Who's Rory Williams and Amy Pond.


Coldplay – Lovers in Japan

On iTunes: itunes.apple.com

This song makes me want to fall in love over and over again. From the minute that I first heard this song in 2009, I knew that it would have to become my wedding song! The feelings that it always manages to invoke always leave me breathless.


Matt & Kim – Northeast

On iTunes: itunes.apple.com

I love that this seems to be a song about two people comparing their current whereabouts to the place where their love began. It fills me with a longing to go back to the past, although I know that it is important to grow up and move on.


Cobra Starship – the World Has Its Shine (but I Would Drop It on a Dime)

On iTunes: itunes.apple.com

Give me a love song with an electric bass and drums and I'm sold! Most notably the band's only obvious love song, “The World Has Its Shine” is filled with beautiful melodies that still manage to fully represent its alternative rock genre. With the lovely Victoria Asher playing the keytar, this song can do no wrong!


Wild Child – All the Years

On iTunes: itunes.apple.com

Am I the only person who can picture myself being serenaded by this lovely gem? Falling in love with your best friend can have many perks, all of which are described here as this duo croons about their trust in one another. There are only cover videos available, but give it a listen or buy it on iTunes; you won't be disappointed.


Lana Del Rey – Young and Beautiful

On iTunes: itunes.apple.com

As a fan of both the novel and film adaptations of “The Great Gatsby,” I immediately fell in love with this song. While I am not overly enthused by the other selections on the soundtrack, I admire the fact that the lyrics of “Young and Beautiful” show that true love is not about the superficial or materialistic qualities in life.


Florence + the Machine – Cosmic Love

On iTunes: itunes.apple.com

Keep tissues on hand when you are listening to this song because Florence + The Machine always delivers. Florence belts out chilling vocals as this ode to being alone turns into a song of redemption and love. The contrasting images of being kept in the darkness only to be brought back out into the light are heart-wrenching.


Utada Hikaru – Be My Last

On iTunes: itunes.apple.com

If you are a gamer, you may know Utada Hikaru as the singer of the opening intros for the Kingdom Hearts series. If you often identify yourself as a language buff, then Utada's “Be My Last” will leave you feeling “light-hearted.” From her soft tones to her diverse range, you will be in awe of the way Utada Hikaru effortlessly switches from English to Japanese. There is no language barrier; love is universal

If you are as in love with music as I am, you will encounter many swoon-worthy tunes in your lifetime! These are just a few love songs for your playlist that are soothing and thought-provoking in nature. Are there any love songs that you swear by?

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My favorite love songs come from Justin Timberlake.

include Utada Hikaru's "First Love" , this is my favorite song since I was a teen

Oh and young and beautiful!! I love Lana del ray!

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 Matt and Kim!!!!!

Love all of these

Love the Dead Sea by the lumineers!!

that cobra starship song was my jam a few years back

Heart vacancy by The Wanted

Lana del Rey! Oh yes!

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