Feel-Good Songs 🎢 Guaranteed πŸ’― to Give Your Mood a Boost πŸ”‹ ...

Music soothes the savage beast, you know. That's why so many of us have playlists specifically dedicated to uplifting a bad mood, calming anxiety, and inspiring feel-good emotions. Since I tend to listen to very dark and depressing music, however, I had to have a conversation with my lovely, cheerful, bubbly wife, as I realize that not everyone feels better when they listen to Eminem or Placebo. Oops! Anyway, when you need a pick-me-up, consider listening to these feel-good songs so you can cheer up and feel better!

1. β€œMMMBop” – Hanson

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I think this might be one of the best feel-good songs on earth. Heather loves it. I mean, she LOVES it. I think she might even know all the words, but I don't know because the β€œmmmbop” parts are all I understand.

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