9 Energetic Songs by David Guetta That Will Keep You on Your Feet ...

When walking into a dance club or party, you are almost guaranteed to be greeted with a few energetic songs by David Guetta. Starting out as a DJ in France, David Guetta didn't reach mainstream and international success until the release of his fourth album "One Love". Featuring an array of talented artists, this album was just what he needed to prove to the music industry that his projects deserved more than just a listen. These top songs by David Guetta will have you running to the nearest club and dancing the night away (as is warranted by all clichรฉs).

1. When Love Takes over

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Receiving two Grammy nominations, this single from "One Love" helped pave the way for his career today; as the lead single off this album, it is definitely one of the most infectious songs by David Guetta. I've always been in love with Kelly Rowland's vocal range and she does not disappoint on this track as she croons about love taking over during the chorus.

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