19 Best Pieces of Music to Suit Different Moods ...

When you need music to suit different moods, what do you listen to? Country? Rock? R&B? I change moods like some people change socks, so my iTunes collection is pretty eclectic. Music just has a way of affecting whatever mood you're in, no matter what it is. To that end, here's some of my favorite music to suit different moods. I'm mentioning some moods twice because I couldn't decide which song would work best! A lot of the videos have the lyrics but, if they don't, they can be found on azlyrics.com.

1. Scorned

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No list of music to suit different moods would be complete without at least one โ€œscorned womanโ€ song. When I had a particularly anger-inducing breakup, I found it very cathartic to listen to โ€œLike the Way I Do,โ€ by Melissa Etheridge. The words pretty much speak for themselves.

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