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Nothing sounds better than sweet acoustic performances by Cody Simpson. That kid's got quite the voice! He released an acoustic EP a few months ago and it's been on repeat ever since. Sure, I love his studio stuff, but nothing beats acoustic versions. Am I right, or? Check out some of my favorite acoustic performances by Cody Simpson - let me know which ones your favorites are.

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"all Day"

This is my favorite song of Cody's. I think the lyrics are so great and I love his vibe when he's performing it. I saw him perform this song live in New York and was really impressed with his vocals and how he managed to captivate the crowd. It's such a mellow, but totally feel-good song. This is just one of many awesome acoustic performances by Cody Simpson!


"pretty Brown Eyes"

I think this is such a cute song. The 'acoustic sessions' Cody recorded are my absolute favorites. "Pretty Brown Eyes" is one of his most popular songs and for good reason! He sings it beautifully in this acoustic version. Like a lot of his other stuff, the song is really mellow, yet it's still very catchy.


"la Da Dee"

This is such a great song to dedicate to your significant other. I think Cody expresses his feelings so wonderfully in his lyrics. He manages to make his music playful and catchy, while still incorporating great lyrics. That's my favorite kind of music. My favorite lyrics in this song include, "there's no way to say this song's about someone else; every time you're not in my arms, I start to lose myself."


"wish U Were Here"

Another great performance from his 'acoustic sessions' includes this one of "Wish U Were Here". I love that the video switches from scenes of Cody on the mic to him jamming on the guitar. He looks like he's having a blast and it's such a treat to see musicians truly enjoying what they're doing.



Cody's newest single, 'Surfboard' premiered to an overwhelming positive response from fans. I love the studio version but I'm obsessed with this acoustic version. He shows off some serious guitar skills in this video and it's really impressive. I think his voice sounds incredible, especially when he goes falsetto! Overall, this is an awesome acoustic performance.


"Sinkin' in"

This is the perfect song to listen to while you're laying in bed with your headphones in and the lights off. He does an incredible intro here and I love how every performance always feels like a new one. It's also a testament to his amazing songwriting skills. I also love how comfortable he looks on stage with a guitar in hand, true musician right there!


"awake All Night"

Cody performed this at Ryan Seacrest's studio and it's so good. I think he's come such a long way as a songwriter - these lyrics are beautiful! My favorite line has to be, "instead of counting sheep, i'll count the stars within your eyes." Um, can you imagine if someone sang that to you? Swoon.

Well, there you have it. These are just seven out of many awesome acoustic performances by Cody Simpson! I don't know about you, but I could pretty much listen to them all day. Which performance was your favorite?

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awesome I can't explain. thank you for all of your help Aws. we appreciate you

CODY 😍😍😍😍

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